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An on-demand series where we have conversations with people shaping the future of events. Join event experts as they share their thoughts on the latest trends in the industry and gain actionable insights to create sensational events.


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Episode 17

Sustainable Events for a Better Future

Episode 16

Exploring the Power of Sustainable Practices in the Event Industry

Episode 15

Live language interpretation to make events more inclusive

Episode 14

Sharing the Latest Trends and Insights in Event Marketing

Episode 13

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Events

Episode 12

Adopting an Omnichannel Event Strategy

Episode 11

Managing Uncertainty for Your Events Post-pandemic

Episode 10

Running hybrid events, building communities and other event trends

Episode 9

Creating an Effective Linkedin Marketing Strategy for Your Events

Episode 8

Driving Employee Engagement Through Virtual Events

Episode 7

Boosting Engagement and Preventing Fatigue With Virtual Entertainment

Episode 6

Making Your Virtual Events More Social

Episode 5

Blending Physical and Virtual at Events With Extended Reality

Episode 4

Designing a Digital-First Strategy for your Events

Episode 3

Understanding the Metaverse's Impact on Event Marketing & Sponsorships

Episode 2

Getting Speakers to Promote your Event & Generate Word-Of-Mouth

Episode 1

Turning Your Event Recordings Into Digestible Content
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