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Enterprise Grade Security & Data Protection

At Gevme, data security and privacy are paramount. This is reflected in our compliance with regulatory requirements, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and SOC2 Type 2.

“We had a great experience working with Gevme on the BestCities Global Forum. For us it was the first time to run this event completely online and adding hybrid components.”

Lesley Williams

Managing Director, BestCities

“Working with a tech partner is as much about the people as it is about the tech. Like us, Gevme is willing to push boundaries and try new stuff.”

Yeoh Siew Hoon

Founder, WiT

“Gevme provided us a seamless, all-in-one event solution that brings about a better event experience for our participants.”

Jessica Cheam

Managing Director, Eco-Business

“Huge thank you to the Gevme team for coming together to pull this off for us and for being nimble and agile with all the changes leading up to the event.”

Elane Noor

Executive Producer, Jack Morton Worldwide

“Carbon Trust needed a platform to facilitate the registration process and attendee management for a 2-year decarbonisation training programme. We partnered with Gevme who has constantly been adept at meeting our requirements.”

Jiao Xin Ping

Senior Analyst

“Gevme has been a great technology partner. They are able to follow our creative vision and come with solutions on integrating and designing the perfect client journey, whether for an internal meeting or a customer-facing event.”

Alexis Lhoyer

Co-Founder, Chab Events and Chab Lab

Explore the Gevme platform


Robust event registration solution designed to seamlessly handle your unique registration needs across various scenarios, including the most advanced cases.


Effortlessly design and customize fully functional, interactive event websites with our suite of user-friendly tools without needing any technical prowess.


Comprehensive hardware and software solutions that have been developed to ensure a seamless attendee check-in experience at your in-person events.

Business Matching

Foster meaningful connections between event stakeholders with AI-powered innovative solutions that effortlessly enhance networking at events.


Guarantee a high level of attendee engagement by implementing cutting-edge interaction tools that keep your event captivating and dynamic.


Create immersive virtual experiences that transcend the ordinary with our state-of-the-art solutions, setting the stage for unforgettable and engaging events.

Mobile App

Elevate attendee engagement with our mobile app, designed to offer a user-friendly experience that ensures active participation throughout the event.
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Exhibitors & Sponsors

Craft experiences that are tailored to the specific objectives of exhibitors and sponsors, leaving a positive mark that resonates long after the event.


Elevate productivity and engagement by seamlessly integrating third-party solutions to optimize performance and enhance your event’s overall success.
Unified Event Data

Unified Event Data

Centralized data hub dedicated to collecting valuable information for in-depth event analysis.
Centralised Event Management

Centralised Event Content Management

Effortlessly create and manage all your event content from a single, centralized location

Visual Builder

Create functional websites and realistic virtual experiences with an intuitive Visual Builder

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