Experience the Future of Networking with AI

AI-powered tools to help attendees at your event forge and foster meaningful connections with relevant stakeholders
Kiosk Check-In facility
Business matching

AI-powered business matching engine to facilitate high value connections

Elevate engagement and interaction through an intelligent recommendation engine that redefines an attendee’s event experience. Simply define the rules or guidelines applicable for interaction between attendees, products, sponsors, and sessions and watch AI work its wonders.


People-to-People Matching

Facilitate attendee matching based on predefined criteria like location, job profile, and other factors.

People to Sponsor Matching

People-to-Sponsor Matching

Facilitate networking between sponsors and attendees with smart matching, like connecting a student with an institution.

People to Sessions Matching

People-to-Sessions Matching

Smartly recommend sessions to attendees based on pre-defined rules to optimise their event experience. 

Scheduled meetings and instant meetings for enhanced experience

Increase the chances of meaningful connections by using these features

Scheduled meetings

Encourage attendees to connect and interact by allowing them to schedule meetings with each other before the event begins. This enhances the chances for meaningful connections right from the start.

Kiosk Check-In facility

Instant meetings

Enable attendees to connect immediately by allowing them to start an instant meeting with fellow attendees through the people directory.

Instant Meetings

Daily Digest

Send daily email reminders to attendees, prompting them to respond to pending meeting and networking requests from other attendees.

event check in software


Metacard is an interactive business card with customizable CTA enabling attendees to connect and network seamlessly just by scanning QR codes on respective metacards

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