Event Content Blocks

Building blocks of any event website on Gevme, Content blocks can be used to add different types of content on your event website or even seamlessly retrieve information stored in Gevme’s event content management system and display it on the event website.


Explore a wide range of content blocks, including text, images, videos, meetings, agendas, and more, to create dynamic and engaging event websites.

Content Blocks

SEO Optimisation

Drive a substantial increase in traffic to your event website by enhancing its visibility and accessibility across search engines with an all-encompassing set of integrated SEO capabilities. This approach ensures that you harness the full potential of your online presence and extend your reach far beyond your expectations

Visitor Tracking

Leverage Google Tag Manager Tags to track the online journey of your event attendees effortlessly by integrating them into your event website and a variety of other tracking tools to gain comprehensive insights into attendee interactions.

Private Pages

The private pages feature empowers you to control access to exclusive content, requiring mandatory user login for access. Moreover, you can utilize private pages to deliver tailored content to individual attendees.

Custom Domain

Enhance your event’s online presence with the versatility of a custom domain. This feature empowers you to align your website’s URL precisely with your event branding and identity. A custom domain makes it easier for attendees to find and engage with your event content.

How can we empower you?

Whether you are a Professional Conference Owner or a Business Event Planner, deliver unified event experiences across all attendee touchpoints

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