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To learn about what makes great virtual events, we must look outside of our industry for inspiration.

We will be speaking to folks from creative fields – the arts, food, travel, sports, fashion – who embraced virtual and the new possibilities that come with it.

They didn’t see virtual as a limitation to express their craft. But instead look at all the new opportunities that it now enables them to express their creativity.

We will learn from them how to bring creativity into the virtual world.

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Episode: 1

Bringing Life Back To Dance (featuring DJ Aldrin)

Episode: 2

The Food Must Go On (featuring Karni Tomer)

Episode: 3

The Circus Must Go On (featuring Phare, the Cambodian Circus)

Episode: 4

Theatre Must Go On: Curious Case of The Missing Peranakan Treasure at the Raffles

Episode: 5

The Music Must Go On, Loudanclear

Episode: 6

Connecting people through food (featuring Malcolm Lee of CandleNut)

Episode: 7

When A Writers Festival Went Virtual, What’s Next?

Episode: 8

Take Back The Nights, With Music And Avatars
Virtual Experience Makers Finale: A Celebration of Creativity
Talk to an expert from our team and see how Gevme can streamline your events.

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