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Gevme’s step towards building sustainable events 

CEO’s Note

Gevme’s Sustainability Manifesto

Gevme is dedicated to creating technology that enables brands and event planners to design impactful experiences while considering the environment and society. Despite the event industry’s negative carbon emissions impact, we acknowledge its potential to have a positive social and economic influence. To fulfill our commitment to sustainability, we have created a manifesto that aligns with our values and vision.

We commit to:

Act on scientific evidence and data.

We will set science-based targets to track and reduce our carbon emissions and ground our work in the best science and accurate math.

Take responsibility for our carbon emissions.

We will take responsibility for all our emissions, and aim to cut them by more than half by 2030 and remove more carbon than we emit each year.

Be transparent and accountable.

Based on global reporting standards, we will publish an annual Environmental Sustainability Report that provides transparency on our progress.

Advocate for sustainability in our industry and policies.

We will support new guidelines, standards, and public policy initiatives accelerating carbon emissions reduction and removal opportunities.

Support event organisers & exhibitors to go green

We will develop and share educational materials and digital technologies to help organisers and exhibitors accurately measure and reduce their carbon footprints when organising or exhibiting at events.

Educate event attendees on sustainability.

Perhaps the most impactful one. We will develop and deploy digital tools with high environmental benefits that encourage people attending events to make sustainable choices.

Engage our team on this mission

Our team is key to advancing sustainability. We will provide opportunities to innovate through the development of enhanced methodologies, processes, and digital tools.

Organize Sustainably