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Streamline your operations with meticulously designed and highly efficient check-in hardware solutions

Kiosk Model S

Gevme’s flagship Model S is a self-contained standing kiosk designed for easy setup at any event. Crafted from environmentally friendly paperboard, it excels in both durability and a lightweight, portable design. 

This kiosk streamlines the check-in process for any type of event, effortlessly scanning QR codes and printing badges. The kiosks are crafted from eco-friendly materials which reduce the environmental footprint while ensuring a strong and long-lasting structure. 

The Model S is your reliable and sustainable choice for efficient event management, combining user-friendly functionality with an eco-conscious approach. 

Kiosk Model T

Model T is a tabletop kiosk that offers excellent portability, making it an ideal choice for limited spaces. The Model T comes equipped with a built-in receipt printer and a wireless sticker printer along with a QR code scanner.

Counter Set

A counter set is a simple and flexible set-up that makes use of laptops, printers and scanners. It offers versatility in configuring, designing, and organizing your counter to suit your specific needs.

Build Your Own

Unleash the power of Gevme’s check-in software to build your perfect check-in station that precisely matches your event’s unique requirements. Create a standard setup, an island configuration, or a custom configuration with the flexibility to design your own check-in station.

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