Blending Physical and Virtual at Events With Extended Reality


Attendee engagement can be a daunting component of an event. In the past two years, the events industry pivoted to virtual platforms to host events such as webinars and conferences.

As time passed, it became clear that attendees needed more – beyond compelling content, to overcome virtual event fatigue and stay engaged. Event technology has since developed rapidly to introduce new virtual experiences such as the Metaverse and Extended Reality.

How can event professionals blend virtual and ‘real’ experiences?

Event Exchange invites Joe Gregory, Regional Sales Manager for UK and Ireland at Disguise, to introduce Extended Reality, its’ applications, and the difference between it and the Metaverse.


Joe Gregory, Regional Sales Manager for UK and Ireland at Disguise

As Regional Sales Manager for UK and Ireland at visual storytelling technology company disguise, Joe is passionate about helping companies realise the value of using extended reality technology to bring their corporate events and meetings to life.

Before joining disguise, Joe has worked in sales management roles for EditShare, Veho Global Group where he has delivered on ambitious revenue targets. In 2016, he won the PCR Magazine ‘30 under 30’ award as recognition of his achievements.


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