Exploring the Power of Sustainable Practices in the Event Industry

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Sustainability and sustainable measures have come to the forefront after being in the background for a very long time.

The global concern for environmental issues has been rising along with the need for businesses and industries, including the events industry, to adopt sustainable practices.

Choosing green venues, reducing waste production, switching to renewable energy, and minimising carbon footprint from transportation are some of the steps being taken by event professionals in order to build sustainable events.

By adopting such practices, events can enhance their reputation, attract environmentally conscious participants, reduce costs, and increase the sustainability of their events.

But, how can event organisers measure sustainability and what metrics should be used?

To answer this and share many essential tools, we invited Stefanie Beitien, Director at NorthSky Advisory, an ex-WWF Singapore for a conversation at CONNECT Spring 2023.

This latest episode of Event Exchange is the extended version of our conversation with Stefanie where she dives into further details about national and international participation, regulatory compliances, and the active role of organisations in promoting sustainability in events.

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