Redefine Attendee Engagement

Level up your event engagement with interactive tools that keep your attendees on their toes throughout the event
onsite event registration services


Moderate chats and create channels for constant fruitful communication throughout the event ensuring a continuous exchange of thoughts and insights.
custom form registration


Invite attendee participation by hosting fully customisable live polls and display results on the fly.


Create, design, schedule, page-specific or general Q&A to foster continuous interaction throughout the event.

Native Notifications

Keep attendees informed with real-time updates through the Gevme mobile app.
Native notifications

EventGPT: Your AI-powered Event Concierge.

A smart AI agent, trained based on your event data to effectively assist attendees with their queries.
  • Built on new generation of LLM’s
  • Trained on event-specific concepts
  • Understands the lingo of events

Engage your attendees with
mobile mini experiences

Unlock a world of opportunities to captivate, inform, and connect attendees through interactive features and personalized experiences to amplify event participation.


Facilitate data sharing and connection building among attendees by using metacards.

Artificial Intelligent

AI Concierge/Event Bot

Set up an event bot to address frequently asked questions by attendees and save your time.

trade show exhibitor management software

Exhibition/Venue Floorplan

Enable attendees to navigate and explore the event space through wayfinding tools and floor maps.

Treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

Engage attendees by setting up activities like treasure hunts as part of the event experience.

Spin the Wheel

Enhance attendee engagement by adding an element of excitement with Spin the Wheel.


Craft customized engagement activities that align with the interests of your attendees.

Let your attendees connect in a modern way

Metacard is an interactive business card with customizable CTA enabling attendees to connect and network seamlessly just by scanning QR codes on respective Metacards

payment gateway providers

Onsite in-person digital data display

Display your event content: speakers, agenda, exhibitors, etc (integrated with event content management) or for branding, event updates/announcements, sponsor ad space

Exhibitor Booth Engagement

Give your exhibitors the means to engage with their audience at their booth

Enable your exhibitors to customise their digital booths and capitalise on potential engagement opportunities through lead scanning, mini experiences and dedicated exhibitor dashboards.

Leads Scanning

Enable exhibitors to collect leads effectively through scanning attendee meta cards, improving their event engagement and results.

Mini Experiences

Spin the Wheel, Lucky Draw, Submit survey, Digital Showcase, etc.

Exhibitor Dashboard

Empower your exhibitors to leverage dedicated dashboards to create and capitalise on potential business opportunities.
Virtual Booth

A private digital storefront

Offer exhibitors and sponsors the flexibility to personalise their digital booths according to their unique preferences with interactive features, including chat, polls, Q&A, product showcases, live streaming, marketing content hosting, product displays and sales.
Virtual Booth
How can we empower you?

Whether you are a Professional Conference Owner or a Business Event Planner, deliver unified event experiences across all attendee touchpoints

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