Reimagining the
Event Website

An event website builder for event professionals that are looking to incorporate more digital components to their events, without requiring technical skills.

More than just a website,
an online presence for your event

Fully functional event websites with dynamic capabilities

Event Website

Simple websites to display everything event from agendas and speakers to exhibitors and more through pre-loaded content blocks and securely stored in Gevme’s centralised content management system.

Registration portal

Integrate with Gevme’s native registration module to effortlessly transform your website into a full-fledged registration portal. Share event information and drive registrations, all from a single platform.

Content hub

Use private pages to create gated content, requiring a mandatory login to access valuable content. Securely share a variety of content like whitepapers, PDFs and more

Post-event photo gallery

Provide exclusive access to event photos after an event with private pages to create gated content to ensure that only authorized individuals get access.

Video On-demand

Gevme’s unique combination of on-demand features and gated content simplifies the process of offering video-on-demand content after your event to registered or authorised attendees only.

And much more...

Your imagination ( and Gevme’s content block) is the limit

Comes with the following features

Event content blocks

Seamlessly retrieve information from Gevme’s content management system and display it on any event page

SEO Optimisation

Integrated SEO capabilities enable you to drive traffic to your event website and maximise reach.

Offer restricted access to exclusive content requiring mandatory login to access the content.

Elevate your event’s online presence by hosting it on a custom domain with Gevme’s white-label solution

Build professional event websites, without code.

Craft your event website one content block at a time with a user-friendly visual builder that lets you collaborate with your team in real-time and revert to an earlier version effortlessly.

Create and manage your content in one place

Effortlessly create and manage all your event content from a single, centralized location while seamlessly synchronising updates across all embedded pages.

Provide on-demand access to post-event content

Deliver exclusive post-event content to registered attendees with a built-in recording and on-demand access for live streams and meetings.

Themes and Experiences for you to get started

Simplify your event website setup with ready-made templates. Browse our marketplace for a wide selection of themes and experiences, ready for immediate use or customizable through our intuitive visual builder.
How can we empower you?

Whether you are a Professional Conference Owner or, deliver unified event experience across all attendee touchpoints.