Turning Your Event Recordings Into Digestible Content


Great event content has always been crucial for attendees. And it’s even more so now with virtual events as organisers are spending more resources to create high quality sessions and offer on-demand videos.

However, not every minute is equally relevant to everyone and this poses challenges for professionals as they attempt to personalise the same video content to individuals.

Event Exchange invites Humphrey Chen, CEO of CLIPr, to share how event professionals can index every minute of their content efficiently and make it searchable and personalised for viewers. 

In this episode, learn about the rise of video on-demand, it’s impact on the events industry, real time optional attendance, and how you could make on-demand videos actionable and engaging between event periods.


Humphrey Chen, CEO of CLIPr

Humphrey Chen is the CEO and Co-Founder of CLIPr, a video analysis and management platform (VAM) using AI and machine learning to help users quickly identify, organize, search, interact and share the important moments within video content. He is a corporatized entrepreneur who has bought, advised, and built start-ups in a multitude of different technology-based industries throughout his career. Prior to CLIPr, Humphrey was also the Head of Key Initiatives for the Amazon Computer Vision API’s, former Chief Product Officer for VidMob, and lead New Technologies division at Verizon Wireless during the launch of 4G LTE networks. Chen currently serves on the Board of Advisors for Noom, DialPad, GrayMeta, and VidMob. He has always had a passion for making new and meaningful things happen.



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