The Ultimate Companion For Your Events

Facilitate effortless attendee engagement at the ease of their fingertips with the event mobile app

What is Gevme’s Event Mobile App


An interactive digital business card that captures your professional persona

Smart QR Code Scanner

Seamlessly log in into web experiences and create a log of your interactions

Gateway to Mini Experiences

An interactive digital business card that captures your professional persona

Sustainability Tool

Adopt sustainable alternatives thereby reducing your carbon footprint

Digitalise Your Business Cards

Metacard is an interactive business card with customizable CTA enabling attendees to connect and network seamlessly just by scanning QR codes on respective Metacards

Enter The World of Smart Scanning

The smart QR scanner makes it easy for attendees to track all the pages that they scan while automatically logging them into web experiences powered by Gevme and selected partners.

Gateway to Mini Experiences

A collection of interactive features like polls, session displays, networking, etc that can run on a phone’s web browser or launched easily through the Gevme companion app. Mini Experiences enable you to integrate a vast array of third-party applications into your event.

Foster Sustainability At Your Next Event

Reduce your event’s carbon footprint by switching to sustainable alternatives with Gevme’s Event Mobile App. Replace traditional printing with versatile mini-experiences to display Live agendas, conduct surveys, etc.

Your Event, Your Event App 

Create an exclusive white-label event mobile app and personalise it to seamlessly cater to your event needs using Gevme’s building blocks—no coding required.

How can we empower you?

Whether you are a Professional Conference Owner or a Business Event Planner, deliver unified event experiences across all attendee touchpoints

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