One App for all Event Check-in needs

Convert any device connected to a printer and scanner into a formidable event check-in system with just one app

Check-in (and Check-out) Methods

Elevate the attendee check-in experience by incorporating methods that guarantee a hassle-free and convenient process.


  • QR code scanning 

Enable smooth and fast event check-in process through QR codes on tickets

  • Facial recognition

Avoid tickets altogether and streamline event check-ins with facial recognition.

  • ID card scanning

Make your events smarter and data-driven with ID card scanning event check-in.

Check-in Scopes

Check-in scope is pivotal in understanding attendee movement within your event. It helps in tracking and managing attendee activity throughout the event offering you comprehensive insights into attendee interactions and event engagement. 

Track attendee check-ins at strategic locations through:

Check-in to Event

Track attendees check-in into the event as a whole

Check-in to Location

For mutli venue events, track attendee check-in at various locations

Check-in to Sessions

Track attendee check-in at individual sessions to understand demand and popularity


Deployments is one or more check-in kiosk installed at strategic locations across your event venue with similar settings. Each deployment helps you track attendee check-in and check-out into into event, sessions, locations and more. Our versatile system allows for multiple deployments from a single application, providing flexibility and convenience.

Self-Serve Mode & Assisted Mode

Incorporate assisted check-in stations that enable attendees to check in manually through a promoter or empower them to check in on their own through self-serve stations. A combination of self-serve and assisted check-in kiosks ensures a highly smooth check-in experience for attendees used specially at very large events.

Access Control

Our access control feature gives you the ability to manage and restrict check-ins to designated areas. With a rule-based configuration, you have the flexibility to define access based on various registration fields. Stack multiple rules to fine-tune access permissions.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into your event check-in data, for the entire event or on a session-by-session basis. Access pre-loaded reports for quick analysis or create custom reports that suit your specific needs.
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