Hardware and Software
Solutions for a Frictionless
Onsite Experience

Make a great first impression with cutting-edge attendee check-in solutions at your next in-person event.

Everything you need for a smooth onsite experience

QR Code Scanning

Enable smooth and fast event check-in process through QR code scanning

Facial Recognition

Avoid tickets altogether and streamline event check-ins with facial recognition.

ID Card Scanning

Make your events smarter and data-driven with ID card scanning event check-in.

Self-Serve Mode

Let attendees take control of their check-in process through self-serve stations.

Assisted Mode

Implement assisted check-in to help them check in manually through a promoter.

Session & Location Check-in

Effortlessly monitor the sessions and locations your attendees visit with this feature.

Branding Control & Ad Spaces

Exercise full control over on-site branding for a unified and consistent brand identity.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Save resources by printing badges on-demand, reducing waste, and promoting sustainability events.

Mass Device Deployment & Management

Install the onsite app on individual devices or groups of similar devices to enhance check-in efficiency. 

Reports & Analytics

Access detailed event check-in, entire event or session data for comprehensive insight.

We’ve got you covered with our hardware options

Everything you need, out of the box

Welcome your attendees with our flagship self-serve physical kiosks that help automate attendee check-in through easy QR scanning and badge printing. These kiosks connect wirelessly to your network ensuring maximum flexibility.

A table-top is all you need

Leverage Model T, the portable tabletop kiosk,  to facilitate event check-ins even in compact spaces. 

No-fuss option that just works

An Adaptable setup aimed at providing versatility in configuring and customizing event check-in. 

Your hardware with our software

Unlock the potential of Gevme’s check-in software to create a tailored check-in station that matches your event’s needs.

Our hardware-agnostic Onsite App for maximum flexibility and configuration,

Automate attendee check-in with an easily installable Gevme check-in app

Complete control over your badge design

Customise and automate badge design for precise attendee tier identification and smooth event engagement.

Analytics & reports

Get access to thorough event check-in data insights through pre-loaded or custom reports.
How can we empower you?

Whether you are a Professional Conference Owner or a Business Event Planner, deliver unified event experiences across all attendee touchpoints