How to Choose Event Management Software for Corporate Events

Tight deadlines and endless checklists no longer cause experienced corporate event managers to panic. Still, it’s important to understand that by reducing your workload with a strong online system for event management, you have the opportunity to make a corporate meeting even more brilliant. In other words, event management software is something that helps you do more with less effort. According to Nicola Lloyd, the events manager for Mason Frank International, “The less you communicate, the more chance there is of something going wrong.” Event management platforms take control of a huge part of your communications.

The question “How do I choose an event management software?” is fundamental when you make a choice in favour of automated event organisation. In this blog post, we want to tell you about solutions that work best with corporate challenges.

Why you should use event management software for corporate events?

An event management software for corporate events

As great leaders love to say, “Always start with why.” Before making a decision about the use of software for corporate event management, you should make it clear how beneficial it can be in your particular case. The most resonating benefits are the following:

  • Keeping data protected. Event management platforms that rely on strong SIEM technology help you ensure that you handle your event data in a secure environment. From real-time collection to log management, event software has capabilities for making the best use of huge data sets.
  • Integrating with the existing ecosystem. When it comes to corporate events, there’s always a specific tech environment you can utilise to simplify the process of organisation. This includes contact bases, corporate surveys, email tools, etc. If you use software that can easily integrate with such systems, you simplify both internal communications and attendance management.
  • Handling complex event marketing. Corporate event management software can be an excellent marketer. Despite the myth that corporate meetings don’t have to be promoted, event professionals tackle many types of events that need some strong advertising, like product launches or charity galas. Integrated platforms for event management have functional website building, email marketing, and social media promotion modules.
  • Accelerating onsite processes. The most important part of any event is onsite registration. By aligning ticketing processes with onsite check-in through event management software, you can make the perfect first impression.

Types of event management software

Types of event management software

A perfect marriage is possible only if your event management system has all the necessary features to meet your corporate event requirements. We split the existing event management software for corporate events into two major groups: integrated toolkits and one-solution products. Depending on your needs, you can pick and align whatever tools suit your event. Check out the key functionality packages that corporate event planners employ throughout their work:

  • Website building solutions: To give an event the right shape and look online, event marketers use website building tools. This allows them to create on-brand event websites, to embed speaker/agenda lists into registration pages, and to organise platforms for ticket purchasing.
  • Email marketing: This is all about pre-made templates, automated email blasting, and advanced email campaign analytics. Email marketing is a must-have instrument for those who take communication with attendees seriously.
  • Event registration and ticketing: Allocating tickets may be a headache if you do this task manually. Numerous event software solutions have great features for registration form customisation, management of multiple ticket categories, etc.
  • Onsite check-in and attendee tracking: This is where the biggest magic happens. Modern event management software solutions can leverage fancy tech tools like face recognition, R.F.I.D., self-registration, and much more. This gives event planners the cutting edge in terms of check-in speed and attendance analytics.
  • Mobile apps: If you’re organising a trade fair, your attendees will appreciate a mobile app with effective lead generation capabilities. At conferences and incentive trips, an event app can be a powerhouse of digital networking and connection building.
  • Surveys and analytics solutions: Concerning small-scale internal events, it shouldn’t take more than a short email survey to collect feedback. However, for corporate meetings with 500+ guests, you need a robust solution for real-time surveying and analytics to understand what the audience really thinks about the event.

How to choose event management software for corporate events

Some event tech providers seem to have it all. Still, before making a final choice, hold on for a minute and think about the aspects you should be focusing on in the first place. Is it the price-quality ratio or maybe integration capabilities? Here’s a short checklist to go through before choosing your superhero:

  1. Determine the first priority functionality package that your corporate event requires. Add up the features that resonate with it the most (e.g., website builder + onsite check-in + accommodation booking management).
  2. Read vendor reviews to find the strengths of the event management systems you prefer.
  3. Compare several solutions with similar features in terms of pricing. You can also find numerous free corporate event management software platforms that deserve your attention.
  4. Check out whether the platforms offer demos. If possible, try to test the product before buying it. Unfortunately, software with great toolkits can be hard to integrate and easy-to-integrate systems may not offer the best features, so a demo will help you determine what’s best for you.



GEVME is an all-in-one toolkit that can be aligned with any kind of corporate event, from small-scale holiday celebrations to iconic conferences. Compliant with PDPA regulations, GEVME ensures foolproof event data protection across multiple solutions. From flexible website building to high-tech onsite management capabilities, this event software minimises costs and labour within all major event organisation processes. In terms of corporate event planning, GEVME provides multiple perks, like merchandise management, on-demand check-in configurations, and robust integrations.


Both corporate event planners and internal specialists need an automated system for event management. In this article, we’ve presented the fundamental benefits that you can derive from event software solutions to help you align your event’s needs accordingly.