Gevme x WeMeet

Unlocking China for Global Business Events Industry
Gevme partners with WeMeet on WeChat enabling Global event teams
to reach a critical Asian market in China

Organising events abroad can be


Logistical Hurdles

Navigating different languages, cultural norms, legal requirements, and venue sourcing.

Marketing & Outreach

Reaching the right audience in a new market.

Technological Integrations

Managing registrations, payments, and data across different platforms.

Regulatory Compliances

Ensuring adherence to local laws and regulations.

Overcome Challenges with a Winning Partnership

WeMeet deep understanding of the Chinese market, paired with Gevme’s global event tech expertise, creates an unbeatable partnership for your event’s success. Together, we ensure seamless local insight, international reach and robust technological infrastructure, driving unparalleled engagement and growth.

Market to Chinese & Global Audiences

Tailored Marketing Strategies to Effectively Engage Both Local Chinese and Global Audiences

World-Class Websites

Multi-lingual, SEO optimised, with social media integration and robust analytics.

Digital Advertising

Targeted campaigns to maximise reach and impact across multiple social and digital platforms including TikTok and WeChat

Email Marketing

Engaging campaigns with native analytics to attract potential attendees and track their engagement

Multilingual Content Generation

AI enabled multilingual content generation engine for marketing teams to extract maximum potential

Online Registration

Multi-lingual, SEO optimised, with social media integration and robust analytics.

International Payments

Secure native gateways along with 20+ third party options and configurable tax regimes.

Enhance Event Experiences

Innovative Tools and Features to Elevate Attendee Interaction and Experience

Onsite Kiosks for Self Check-in

Streamlined processes through self-service kiosks that ensure efficient and quick attendee check-in, enhancing the overall experience.

Custom Registration Counters

Personalised registration counters designed to meet unique event needs, providing a bespoke and professional first impression.

AI Event Concierge

Intelligent event concierge available across platforms, offering attendees personalized assistance and information in real-time.

Interactive Features

Engaging tools to enhance attendee participation.Engaging tools and features to enhance attendee participation, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and gamified experiences.

Uncover Monetization Opportunities

Strategic Approaches to Maximise Revenue through Sponsorships and Lead Generation

Multi-Channel Lead Capture

Effective strategies to capture leads across various channels, ensuring a comprehensive approach to audience engagement.

Sponsored Onsite Kiosks

Attractive sponsorship opportunities at onsite kiosks, providing visibility and engagement for sponsors.

Sponsored Live Summaries

Enhance event visibility through sponsored live session summaries, offering real-time engagement and content distribution.

Event Insights White Papers

Generate in-depth insights sponsored by partners.Generate in-depth insights and analysis through sponsored event whitepapers, offering valuable content and extended reach for sponsors.


Open up Your Events to International Markets in China and Beyond

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