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Wednesday / September 23.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Going green. It’s an ongoing theme circulating around Singapore since the beginning of 1990 and as far back to the late 1960s. We’ve been constantly reminded to “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle”. Do you remember Captain Green? Well, turns out the frog has a point. Environmental sustainability. So, event greening. Should you care? Yes, because global warming is real, we know that. But if you actually prefer a toastier planet and the whole ‘panic’ about global warming doesn’t bother you, did you know there are actual benefits in going green for your events? Curious? Read on.

Conferences attendees today have high expectations, especially when they are constantly bombarded with too many meetings, webinars and conferences that promised to be inspiring but turned out dull and dreary. A UX designer who has attended hundreds of conferences around the world and got scared off by badly designed conference experiences, was on his quest to find a way to design conference experiences that matter to the audience.

Organizing an event and managing it is highly demanding – but it can also be incredibly rewarding. There are many different aspects to look after when leading it and everyone involved. To get a successful delivery requires skills. It is akin to deciding to have a baby (the event) and you being the parent to see through the birth, the growth and catering to the child’s development until the latter can fly by himself or herself.

As a business, you might adopt a love-hate attitude towards sponsorships. Perhaps one of your favored clients approached you and you found it hard to turn down, so you begrudgingly agreed, or you are simply doing it because everyone else is doing it. While sponsorship is done by most companies, it tends to take backstage compared to other marketing initiatives like online marketing, PR, and more. However, it’s time to shine a spotlight on it, as the return on your investment could be invaluable and prove to be more affordable and effective compared to its marketing counterparts. Read on to debunk some notions about sponsoring and learn more about its benefits for you as a brand.