Gevme Next Generation Virtual Events


It’s now easier than ever to run virtual events. The novelty has worn off and the space has become saturated. All virtual events still look the same. People register for these events but do not show up. Or when they do, they are distracted.

Event professionals are now trying to figure out how to make their virtual event stand out. Successful ones have moved beyond the traditional format and embraced the new possibilities enabled by technology. They are the pioneers of the next generation of virtual events. Attendees leave this events feeling like they would not have the same experience anywhere else.

Throughout this series, we’ll show you how you can do just that. We’ll show you how to turn boring virtual events into memorable virtual experiences.

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Episode: 1

Creating Unique, Attractive and Engaging Virtual Events

Episode: 2

Creating Virtual Events of Broadcast TV Quality

Episode: 3

Networking and Community Building Through Virtual Events

Episode: 4

Monetising Virtual Events: From Ticketing to Sponsorship

Episode: 5

Making Virtual Events Accessible Anytime and Anywhere
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