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Whether you’re a seasoned party organiser or it’s your first time, planning a special occasion always seems like a Herculean feat at the beginning. There’s just so much to think about, and so much to go wrong!

What you need before anything else is to take a deep breath, keep calm and make a list. Lists are your friend; they help you keep track of what needs doing and what’s been done, letting you stay in total control. Start by making a master list, and then make smaller lists as you progress. Trust me, it works.

Here are 9 things that should appear on your master list.

An event that uses tickets needs to be marketed and advertised to sell out completely. With an event ticketing service, this will be a breeze. Enjoy the perks of using tickets to allow guests to come in, while also meeting the quota for the amount of people that you can invite. Those without the necessary tickets will, therefore, be unable to attend. This pushes people to purchase tickets through the event ticketing system early – if they do not want to miss out on the event. Additionally, those that have not purchased tickets this time around will want to do so when the next event comes around. This creates a demand for tickets to the next event.

When it comes to planning corporate events, one of the big questions you need to answer is whether you want to host it in-house or find a suitable venue. Outsourcing your event hosting can often prove costly and ineffective, but there are a number of welcome benefits to be enjoyed when you invite guests into your office – not least when it comes to the savings you’ll make. Here are five very good reasons for keeping your corporate events in-house, straight from the locker and storage experts at Action Storage.

The engagement of attendees has always been one of the top priorities of event planning. Some questions that event organizers brood over:

  • What are the ways to keep an attendee interested?
  • How do you ensure attendees explore the different aspects of your event?

If there is very little (or no) form of interaction between attendees and your event, there’s a really high chance they’ll get bored and leave. Thankfully, we have so many event technologies at our disposal these days that event planners have to pick the right ones for the best outcome. It could be the use of different social media channels and a custom event mobile app to bring the whole event experience together. Maybe organizing a simple contest that involves the attendee from the start of event day till closing could do the trick. Whatever the method to engage your target audience, it has to be interesting.

Enter Kwaver, a mobile application that allows anyone to collaborate musically using just their phones. Yes, just their phones. So how can Kwaver work for your events?

Catering is vitally important for the health of most events. Good food brings people together, and caterers offer ready-made food for guests to enjoy. It’s not enough to just cater an event though, it needs to be catered exceptionally well. That means planning prep for the big event in detail. Consider the steps that must be completed and write them down. Assign jobs to specific team members. Plan everything out with time to spare, so completing the event with success is easy. One of the best ways to start your planning is by looking at a checklist for catering an event. Think of it as your basic inventory plan, and check off each item before leaving your kitchen on the big day.