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Let`s talk about hashtags! #hashtagtalk #hashtagseverywhere #eventhashtags #thishashtagstuff #isreallypunny #can`tstophashtagging #stopmeplease 🙂 #cutecatvideohashtags

Ok, all kidding aside. The serious part is coming. Hashtags are not a secret know-how anymore. Everyone is using it. It simplifies search, emphasizes the main idea, unites conversations around things and just plain cool. People got used to using it. Therefore, businesses shouldn’t lag behind. Using hashtags you can easily get your event audience to create the buzz on social media. So, let me walk you through Hashtagslandistan.

I always felt some sort of mental connection with the event industry. All these pre- and post- parties, networking stuff, a feeling of being a part of the creation of something new, a consciousness that all that you do matters and helps others. The feeling of usefulness and spending time in the right way. That`s. My. Wonderland! 🙂

Hopefully, we are speaking the same language here. The event industry inspires you, as it inspires me. Market and competitor analysis, placement on the market, positioning, pricing, etc. All these challenges create my favorite whimsical playground. That`s a “How to Conquer Your Attendees” game.

Setting goals are just a good habit to be in. When you’ve decided on your project, it’s time to turn your attention over to developing a set of goals that will facilitate success.

Your team can focus on these established goals and make decisions based on them. With that said, having a set of unclear or actionable objectives can quickly turn event planning from a structured process to one of utter chaos, with unachievable, and uncontrollable milestones

Whether you’re an event organizer, the host or the actual celebratory, the success of the event that you’re planning to hold will be dependent upon careful planning. To plan for an event, it’s strongly advised to have a checklist. Your checklist can be categorized into different aspects of things you need to buy, things you need to make, things you need to get before a certain day, things you need to do after the event, and so and so forth. Having such a list will help you organize your thoughts and your correct course of action.