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Sunday / February 16.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Most people can intuitively guess that standard fonts are not quite what you need for your event website. This is completely correct: Standard fonts in landing page website design are boring. Font combinations for an event landing page with a selection of colour and their own features are much better. The major insider secret when choosing fonts for site design is Google web font combinations. Simply choose those that are freely available to make your website look outstanding.

Anyone who offers services online is familiar with the term “CTA”, which means “call to action”. On every page of a site that sells something, especially the landing page, this element must be included. How to create an effective call to action phrases correctly, how to make sure your event website works effectively, how to sell event tickets in the best way, and how to create a CTA button are what we are going to discuss in the following article.

Event attendee feedback gives you an opportunity to see your organisation from a fresh angle, to highlight its weak points, and to identify competitive advantages. Feedback from the client is more than free event consulting; it is primarily a guarantee of both the company’s and EO’s growth. That is why everyone should know how to gather feedback from an event in a number of different ways.

When organizing events such as conferences, concerts, seminars, trainings, etc., a great deal of work falls on the shoulders of the event managers. And then there are the event announcements to consider. This is why most organisers look for an easy, fast, inexpensive, but effective way to talk about the upcoming event as efficiently as possible. Read on to learn how to email all attendees of your event.