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What are the Most Important Features in an Online Ticketing System?

The most important features in an online ticketing/event registration site?

Ticket your attendees at the speed of sound with your whole bag of tricks! It doesn’t take much to reach this goal. In fact, only one tool – an online ticketing/event registration website. Growing an event that resonates with the voice of technology and reflects the needs of your attendees is possible only with a good ticketing online system.

What’s an event ticketing system?

It’s a bridge that paves the way for people interested in your event to the venue entrance. There are two key features that make the online ticket selling advantageously from the user’s perspective: the availability of an informative web page, which provides the basic data about the event and attracts attendees’ attention + the simplified purchase flow facilitation to help the users get an entry ticket just in several clicks. With that being said, an online ticketing/event registration site can be defined as a web solution for selling event tickets online, directly from the event page or from the specific event website section.

What’s the role of online ticketing in the event organization?

Paid or free, an event may start and end well only if the system of registration passes along smoothly. With the quick-as-a-flash onsite check-in growth and the hype around electronic tickets, there’s no other way to go for an event planner, except for using a working online ticket selling platform.

A good event registration website helps dispose of much boiling-the-ocean work. First, it’s easy to promote and may be shared on social media or other event-relevant platforms. Benefit #2: No paper work with online ticketing. Just a QR code or a barcode,  your mobile device, and you’re in! But not least – presentation of the concept behind an event and a registration form, all in one place.

The problem is, an online ticketing solution isn’t an innovation anymore. To make it stand out, the event planner has to consume all the major features that define the top-notch event registration platforms and then choose the one that doesn’t miss a single feature from the list.

Here’s what your scalable ticketing system must have:

#1. An easy registration process

Exhausting the website users with thousands of forms to complete isn’t very nice of you. Neither is it super efficient for your event conversions. The top prizes in the event management industry are given to those who simplify the ticketing process.

Place the “sign up for the event” option in a visible space on the website and don’t make your users wander through the screen searching for it longer than one second.

To manage events online you also have to provide the most intricate and well-integrated options for ticketing like group registration and waiting lists.

And NB: The fewer fields – the more wins. Use pre-population of data for registering attendees, who have been on your contact list before. This convenient feature will spare your users a trouble of typing their contact details the second time they access your registration form.

#2. Multiple language and currency options

Appreciate diversity in your event registration to reach the widest audience possible. Embed the option of language settings on your online ticketing website. Provide several currency options to capture maximum registrants not only locally, but on the larger scale as well.

#3. Easy payment

“The more – the better” works in this case too. Don’t hesitate to get as many payment methods as you can process. Using PayPal for event registration is a safe and convenient option, but setting up several extra methods can make your conversion rate boost.

The payment system for events should be understandable even to a child if you want to get a registration from every single person, who pressed a “payment” button.

#4. Data ownership

Take care of your attendees’ contact data. You can be cursed by the event industry for sharing your contact database with any third parts! Seriously, choose the platform that provides 2-step verification and log in tracking to ensure top protection.

#5. Reserved seating

If you will offer a seat to your guests at the event, give them the right to choose where their chair should be located. By enabling the event reservation program, your attendees will get a chance to leverage their experiences at the event.

#6. Event copy feature

Are you the lucky one with a slew of successful events in your pocket? Choose the online ticketing platform that’ll let you make event copy in one click and then customize the data. Lemon squeezy for those who’re busy!

#7. Customizable, drag-and-drop registration form builder

You deserve the right to govern your registration fields! It’s not a political slogan, just note how much simpler the process of event registration forms’ creation will get if you opt for a solution with a handy form builder.

#8. In-built marketing tools

The instruments for ticketing management and promotion, which could facilitate the functioning of the platform with the tools for automation, do a great favor for you. If you need more information on the instruments for online event organizer, discover our event ticketing tips.

#9. Integration apps

For event ticketing system to be appealing, it’s not enough to offer an event ticketing system alone. Paradox, much? No, that’s called tech progress. With the development of software solutions for event management, it’s possible to arrange a system with all necessary tools that automate the event planning fully. GEVME, which is shortlisted as a Best Ticketing Technology and Best Visitor Registration Technology for Event Technology Awards 2017, is an example of a software that hits the tops in both event registration and onsite check-in, as well as offers several integrated solutions on top.

#10. Attendee check-in

If you don’t get your attendees checked-in smoothly, the beauty of your ticketing system will be forgotten in the blink of an eye. Integrate your registration site with the automated event check in system and don’t doubt attendees’ fascination with your event organization.

#11. Highly customizable website builder

Especially for event aesthetes, don’t ignore the look of your event registration platform. Simplify the page creation with the help of an easy-to-use website builder and make it beautiful.

#12. Make it scalable

Ticket prices are hard to make “one-size-fits-all.” But you can try. Establish a flexible system of pricing, offer promo codes, and early bird rates to make event ticket selling work for everyone’s budget.

#13. Integrated attendee database

The more attendees you get – the larger your contact database becomes. Don’t waste your time on capturing the same emails twice. Integrate your database with the ticketing system, enable pre-population of data, and enjoy super automation.

#14. Automated email marketing

No one is a born an attendee. They evolve and grow from the group of invitees. If you don’t manage to provide a flawless conversion system between these two channels, you’ll hardly get high event attendance. Building a bridge is easy with an automated email service that doesn’t waste your time on writing messages from scratch, but adds a personal touch to each of them.

#15. Integrated accounting system

If you revise electronic payments, your event ticketing system should be math literate. To have your accounting done without your interference is a big perk, isn’t it?

#16. Surveys

And let’s have everything in one place. Surveys that are aligned with your event ticketing system will give you a leverage of all registration campaigns data.


When it comes to event organization, you have to learn that it’s pretty judge-the-book-by its-cover thing. In this terms, event ticketing is your cover because it gives the first impressions about your event and leverages all the follow-up experiences. If a profile of the event registration site that you use matches the listed features, you don’t have to doubt your event success.

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