Great Events Made Easy

Nearly 7 years ago I co-founded GlobalSign.In, a company which is today one of the leading technology providers in the events industry in Asia. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with lots of event organizers – ranging from the small to the world’s leading organizers. We’ve built quite a wide range of solutions tailor-made for event marketers:

The more we worked with the events industry, the more insights we got into what event organizers needed, and what would work best for them. And we evolved our products accordingly, continuously improving. But then it dawned upon us rather than incrementally improving our products, we’d rather re-invent a whole new tool, that will solve (to start with) most of the pain points that event organizers and marketers face out there, and more. And that’s exactly what we did. We went back to the drawing board!

Early last year, we took a team of our core developers, designers, account managers and support engineers on a retreat. And there, we decided to be bold and ambitious in our ideas. Before we could agree on the product itself, one thing that we all agreed upon was that we wanted to build a whole new tool that would make it possible for organizers to have:

Great Events Made Easy

And hence, we decided to call our product GEVME (pronounced “give-me”).

Right from the start, we focused on you – our user. It’s been our #1 priority to build a tool that you would easily use, and have fun along the way! So, we focused a lot on the UI and UX of the applications, and went through countless of design iterations. And now after more than a year’s of hard, fun and, more importantly, fulfilling work, I’m happy to say that GEVME is today almost ready for prime time. As such, we are opening up our Early Access Program to the general public. (We’ve been using GEVME with some of our close clients already so far.)

GEVME is probably the very first social collaborative platform for events. It’s an integrated platform, which allows you to build highly customized online registration form, sell tickets to your event online, send personalized emails to your attendees and leads, manage your event database, and much more – all in one place.  And it’s built on top of what we think, is a very neat and clean user interface, one which took up alot of time and iterations during the development phase.

It’s the beginning of a new journey for us. We hope you will enjoy GEVME as much as we’ve been having fun building it.

On top of providing you with a fantastic tool to help you in your events, we also aim to share quite a bit of best practices, new trends, tips & tricks. So, stay tuned for more updates on our blog!