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Prasad Pasala

Best Tools for an Event Planner

What are the best tools for an event planner?
Do you know what the biggest headache for a business owner is? – A large-scale event on the horizon. Organizing for an event requires not only resources but also a selection of appropriate technology, the development of a winning strategy…

Top Application Security Threats

How you can protect yourself and your apps
In a way, mobile apps have made life easier than ever for event planners. That’s especially true in the case of social media apps, which allow event planners to coordinate events on the go, connect with potential customers and build…

How to Sell Event Tickets Online

Find useful tips about how to sell event tickets online
The great event is just about to start? Congratulations on all the planning you’ve done! We know that was not an easy road. Now the last thing for you to do is rewarding yourself with an enormous number of attendees!…

How to Livestream Events on YouTube

Read more our guest post about how to livestream events Youtube
Events shouldn’t just be limited to an in-person audience. These days, all it takes is a baseline knowledge of modern technology to livestream your event to the entire world. YouTube Live is one such service.

Event Marketing How to Guide

read more about event marketing how to guide
Event Marketing entails coming up with a coordinated plan of how you’re going to let the world know about your upcoming event. Basically, event marketing consists of 4 key parts.

Event Planning Checklist

Event planning checklist
The responsibility of event planning can be an overwhelming task. The key to successfully overcoming this challenge is being resourceful and avoiding uncertainties. An event planning checklist is essential to the achievement of this goal. Make sure to draft your…

The Best Time for Organizing an Event During “Season”

Read more about the best time for organizing an event during “season”
There’s always something about the holiday season which makes people want to drink more, meet more, go out more and generally: party more. For everyone in the event planning industry, the holiday season is peak season. This is where top-notch…

How to Pitch an Event

Interested on how to organize and pitch an event? Here you will find some great tips.
Setting an agenda for an event is very important for actually planning and organizing the event. It’s important to do so, as it helps to understand and make the list of required resources for conducting the entire event without any…