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Prasad Pasala

How to Convert Registered Users into Attendees

How to Convert Registered Users into Attendees
You don’t craft the beauty of your event registration page just to fascinate the registrants, but to make them attend in the first place. There are a million reasons why your registered users will NOT attend the event. Schedule shifts,…

The Ultimate Guide to Event Registration Online

Event Registration Online
Driving your target audience to the registration page is a good strategy, but it’s not enough if you want to get maximum attendance. A reliable tool that facilitates convenient online registration and allows tracking results is what an event marketer…

How To Ace Your Event Management Job Interview

Event Management Job Interview
Not anyone can be an event planner. A qualified candidate has to be able to expertly multitask, handle spur-of-the-moment situations, and deal with client grievances. The interviewer is going to weed out those deemed unfit. If you’re lucky enough to…

Email Marketing Strategies for Your Events

How to build an email marketing strategy for your event
If you organize events of any kind, you should care about how many people you get through the door. It’s not a secret that a smart email marketing strategy is the best channel for reaching out to your target audiences.…

Using AI to Improve Attendee Experiences

How to improve attendee experiences using AI
No, it doesn’t stop with Apple’s Siri and self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly invading the industry of event planning, aiming to change attendee experiences forever. All the modern event planners have no choice, but to follow the thriving…

Onsite Registration Infographic

GEVME Onsite Registration Infographic
The management of registration experiences onsite depends on the availability of time-efficient check-in options, as well as the integration of software and hardware at the event.

How to Drive Event Traffic with AR

Drive Event Traffic with AR
Event reality won’t hold up for long unless it’s altered that is. With the breakneck progress of augmented reality development, the future of SMART events is going to be quite exciting.