Top Application Security Threats

In a way, mobile apps have made life easier than ever for event planners. That’s especially true in the case of social media apps, which allow event planners to coordinate events on the go, connect with potential customers and build their brands virtually anywhere they are.

Unfortunately, however, the emergence of new technology almost always brings with it as many new problems as solutions. Mobile social media apps make it possible for event planners to perform their jobs with greater speed and convenience than ever before, but they also expose them to the possibility of a major security risk.

As apps have become more sophisticated, so have hackers’ techniques for breaking into them and wreaking havoc. They can steal users’ personal information, spread damaging viruses and malware, and cause apps to crash. Although large companies spend an average of $1.8 million per year on mobile app security, hackers continue to wage war on the vulnerabilities they find in many apps. For event planners, nothing is more important than building trust with their clients, and that means keeping an eye on the security of the mobile apps they use on a regular basis while working with clients.

The following guide lists some of the most common security threats facing mobile apps and how a company can protect its mobile apps from them. For example, one of the most common mistakes companies make is assuming their apps are too small to be targeted and neglecting to test them as a result. Although a vulnerable app may go unnoticed by hackers, testing every possible weak point on an app is the only way to be sure that the app’s security won’t be left to chance. Reviewing this guide can make you more aware of the various threats that could impact the apps you use every day, and how you can protect yourself and your apps from them.

Author bio: Nori De Jesus is Global Director of Marketing at Column Information Security. De Jesus brings more than 20 years of experience as an advent marketer and business strategist working with software manufacturers and launching proprietary software solutions into the market. With expertise in BPM and case management B2B marketing, she focuses on innovation and making a difference by maintaining agility as the technology climate continues to shift. De Jesus is an evangelist in educating buyers through their technology-purchasing journey via content and research.