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Prasad Pasala

The New Gevme Website Launch

welcome to the new Gevme website
Renovation gives birth to progress. We are happy to announce that our passion for innovative product decisions led us to launching a new Gevme website.

How to Brand Your Event

Read helpful guide on how to brand your event
Forget about your current role in event planning for a moment. Seriously, imagine you’re walking into the venue and viewing everything from the perspective of an attendee.

How to Negotiate the Event Venue Price

How to Negotiate the Event Venue Price
The event venue price pinches your budget? In this case, you have to learn how to loosen the grip. You may disagree, but we’ll make a bold statement here: everything is negotiable.

10 Steps on How to Plan an Event Successfully

How to Plan an Event Step by Step
Have you ever wondered how your favourite writers manage to keep their muse nearby and create a big pile of stunning pages that you read voraciously? Believe it or not, there’s no big secret to their success my friend.

GEVME Shortlisted for Event Technology Awards 2017

GEVME Shortlisted for Event Technology Awards 2017
We’re happy to announce that Gevme was placed on the shortlist of the Event Technology Awards 2017 taking place in London on November 9th. We clap our hands and keep our fingers crossed for’s top software to enter the…

How to Increase Your Budget Through Event Sponsorships

Read more on how to increase your event budget through sponsorships
Getting funding for your event from a sponsor seems like quite a sound reason for screaming “Yeah!” like crazy, making a funky head dance, and opening a bottle of champagne at the same time. That’s not hard to guess, making…

Event Ticketing From A to Z

Event ticketing from A to Z
If you’ve just crafted a great building named “event”, the first thing to do next would be making a door. Providing the tickets for your event is a crucial part of organizational planning. Challenging as it may sound, event ticketing…