Digital Event Series

Everything you should know about running digital events.

Episode 5

The Future of Events is Hybrid

Episode 4

Level up Your Online Attendee Engagement

Episode 3

How to Run a Digital Conference

Episode 2

The Rise of the Digital Event Manager

Episode 1

How to start running your virtual event


In-depth guides on digital and hybrid events

Industry Expertise

Blog posts by digital event managers

Interview of a Digital Event Manager (DEM)

Q&A Session with Tamsyn Barker, Managing Director at FIRST (APAC)

QA Session with Katya, Director of Events at Product School

QA Session with Zoltan Tudnik, Co-Founder at Hipther agency

How a Large-Scale Virtual Event Was Born from the Lockdown – Interview with Ed Nedin

Blog Posts

A Guide on How to Organize an Online Event

How to Live Stream an Event in 2020

Take Your Offline Event Online


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