The Modern Event Agency Guide:

The SCALE Framework for Digital Transformation

Event agencies who have been able to sustain themselves through the pandemic were the ones who immediately acted on the needs of their clients. They recognized the positive behavioural shifts towards attending events online.  

These event agencies responded with spectacular virtual experiences, engagement tools and interventions to help their audience stay enthralled. Most of all, they invested in learning and leveraging new technologies and methodologies. But many were not fortunate enough to know more about 

The SCALE digital transformation framework can help event agencies create a sustainable virtual events business by:

  1. Understanding the need for digital transformation
  2. Helping decision makers understand the digital transformation landscape
  3. Sharing the SCALE framework that takes a strategic path towards business sustainability 
  4. Aiding decision making using a logic matrix and techniques
  5. Recommending a blueprint that event agencies can follow
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