Ways to Reach More People for Niche Events

A niche market is the subset of a market towards which a specific product is focused. It is also traditionally a small market segment. Thus, a niche events meaning is related to a narrow circle of events targeted at a single event segment at a time (meetings, weddings, corporate, tourism, etc.).

Niche events meaning

Specialising on just one target market, such as corporate or social events, should make your focus narrowed within that market and will help you become the best possible event planner concerning certain specifics. You certainly want to know how to promote niche events. That will be your primary concern.

What is the difficulty of attracting visitors to specialised events?

In the highly competitive business of attracting visitors to specific localities, specialised events play a very important role. However, the difficulty is that there are not enough foundations for the development of this event direction; there is also not much specialised literature or marketing services to attract crowds to your event, etc., which could offer some oversight of the problems faced as well as potential solutions, etc.

Challenges you face

The need for niche events remains huge. Nevertheless, event attendees may often lack enough information about them to come and promote them simply through word of mouth. That’s why you should plan your niche events thoroughly and take all possible measures to increase event attendance.

How to plan niche events

This is how carving out a niche for your event takes place:

Focus on your passion. That should guide the design of your niche event. Next, you will need to identify what you would like to sell and/or what services you will be providing during your niche events in addition to what sponsors and partners you’re going to brand and so on. Discover your clientele’s needs in order to define the target audience and accurately evaluate your niche.

Remember that event planning offers numerous opportunities for specialisation. Don’t forget to promote niche events via the GEVME platform to succeed.

How to increase attendance for niche event

To promote special events and expand your reach when promoting your niche event, use these actionable tips:

Event promotion website

Create an event website and promote it via social media, on a blog, or through other related and trusted platforms. Choose the one that best suits your geography and audience or is the most effective platform in your business area.


Use programs like Google AdWords and Bing Advertising to launch, run, and analyse your campaigns. You are better able to optimise your website and blog title tags and copy with keywords and can work on building mentions and backlinks to your site.

Content marketing and a blog

Content is an incredibly effective way to communicate with people. Most people don’t send messages to their work colleagues via Facebook messages or other messaging platforms; they send emails, read blogs, etc. People get information, updates, and so much more via content channels to keep and then use whenever it is needed.

Work with social media influencers within your special interest

If you start by asking your networking partners for online recommendations, links, reviews, etc., this can help you with your organic search engine rankings and bring your event business to the top of the search results.


There are more than 50 top business listing websites where you can advertise your online niche event free of charge. It’s vital to get your events listed on all applicable online directories, either regionally or worldwide. This may be a Yahoo local listing, which ranks third after Google and Bing, or other options.

Run smaller, free events that encourage people to see what you’re doing

Planners may co-op and run master classes or product shows, etc., with other vendors and share space to promote an event planning business so that people can come and see what you’re doing.

Online communities and interest groups

Be ready to connect people. Networking is primary in the business sector and sales in particular. You should be well-recognised and known to be sought after as a niche event organiser.


Both online and offline ads are the first things that bring results after active networking and communications because they have a wider area of reach. This will facilitate the search for the necessary information and will create a memorable image that is positively associated with you.

Printed publications

Press releases, journals, articles, and abstracts about your niche events will add to what you do online to promote them and engage more attendees.

Broadcast media

It’s time to turn your niche event into a worldwide sensation through media. There are a number of obvious reasons why you should also be live streaming your events, inviting media to your events, and preparing media coverage.

Dos and Don’ts


Marketing for niche events is less competitive, and it can be easier to target advertising in the category in which your event specialises.


The downside is that this market may be limited, so you will need to find new ways to grow your audience and increase event attendance in order to keep achieving success year after year.

Additional ways to increase event attendance

There are a few more ways to increase attendance to unmistakably make an impact and guarantee a positive response from the public.

Email marketing 

Your marketing plan should also include emails and newsletters. Once most of the important points are in place, it’s time to start a blog and create a fresh newsletter for everyone who has subscribed to it.

Social media

Social media is a powerful promotional tool in the modern age. Use it to the fullest. Focus on the benefits that await everyone who decides to attend your event. For faster sharing of information, don’t forget to use hashtags.

Tips to increase attendance to your event

Plan your budget: You should carefully plan your budget so you can stick to it with our expert guide. Follow our budget planning tips to get your finances under control.

Exchange your experience: The event industry is dynamic and changeable. Make friends with event specialists and related industry leaders to offer your services to and promote your event business. When you promise to buy something and someone else promises to sell it to you, you may have just made a verbal contract.

Provide excellent service: Improve the way you execute your niche events, and market niche events accordingly.

Collect feedback: Surveys are a good idea. Ask guests to leave feedback on the event pages, in a group, or in a reply letter to the newsletter. Reviews will be hugely helpful in advertising your next event.

Be nice to your competitors: Force yourself to go beyond ordinary people in your immediate circle and those you have known for a long time; instead, contact and nurture a real business relationship with at least one customer, supplier, and competitor.

Find your way to drive attendance at your niche event

There is no right or wrong approach: Offer your niche event services for free, organise shows or networking events, collaborate with well-known writers or bloggers, or even make friends with your competitors! Explore and test different channels and strategies to reach your particular audience. To automate the registration and marketing processes, use GEVME platform to run an unlimited number of events.