SMART Integration Solutions for Event Software

The successful achievement of event processes isn’t limited to one tool in 2018. Today it’s rather about a set of software applications integrated around a specific operation. SMART integrated solutions that complement the functionality of your software are vital to event planning. We’ve collected practical advice on how you can hone your strategy by making friends with popular platforms like WeChat and Video Stream.

What is a SMART event?

An event that utilizes the perks of progressive technology is called SMART. 64% of event professionals claim that they review the popular industry blogs to learn more about event tech on a regular basis. The growing importance of big data analytics, AI technologies, and virtual reality indicates that modern event planners have an increased capacity  for growing progressive event experiences. To consolidate all the advanced capabilities, SMART events make use of integrated tools. Therefore, integration is definitely the lifeblood of event organization.

The methods of event software integration

SMART integration solutions for event software are systems that benefit event planners’ and attendees’ experiences at all stages of an event lifecycle. Here are several integration-centered tools that can help you make better decisions in event organization:


“The new, stand-up show will soon be organized in the club you visited last Monday! Check out this page for more details,” my chatbot wrote this morning. “Not sure whether I should attend the place again (last Monday it was packed like sardines in a can), but I should probably check the other locations. The show should be great,” I thought.

Voila! This is how event chatbots build relationships between the event organizer and the audience after the show is over. And it’s just the beginning. Customized event bots can be the personal assistants for your team before, during, and after the event by doing all the communication for you.

To understand the functionality of event bots, you can check out the assets of Spikes Asia, a branded chatbot used for Spikes Asia Creativity Festival 2017 in Singapore.


Integrated with a customiz$ed CMS system, Spikes Asia had much work to do during the festival:

  • Scheduling. The bot communicated a detailed event schedule. Additionally, there was an option to check specific sessions daily.
  • Onboarding. Spikes Asia had the feature of personalized onboarding, setting expectations, goals, and the right conditions for every attendee individually.
  • Domain streams. Through integration with Kontiki, different domain streams were created to meet the personal interests and expectations of every guest.
  • Alert setting. To ensure that a favorite speech or performance wouldn’t be missed, the users were able to set alerts and receive notifications from a chatbot 5, 10, or 15 minutes before a talk.
  • Navigation. Since there were 3 venue locations, Spikes Asia helped attendees navigate through the space with chatbot.
  • Stay options. The event bot provided accommodation options based on the personalized price and quality needs.
  • Text search. To ensure that everyone got answers, the organizers also implemented a free text search option.

Event chatbots can do real magic for your guests and organizing team. If you understand the needs of the target audience, custom event chatbots can greatly consolidate your event management and event marketing efforts.


This single app that rules them all. This is how the superstar mobile application, WeChat, is often called when it comes to online communication in China. Developed as a simple messaging app, WeChat grew into a centralized space for payment management, microsite building, live event engagement, and more.

WeChat in China

Here are the basic benefits that prove the value of integrating with WeChat:

  • Registration & payment in one place. Using WeChat as a system for ticketing, accommodation booking, or merchandise purchasing is possible from a centralized platform.
  • Real-time sign-ups. Apart from the messaging system, WeChat also has strong social media integrations. Aligned with an events software, it can help you capture registrations directly from posts and messages that are submitted from multiple target communities.
  • Automated email notifications. Once a registration is completed, every user receives a personalized message with a QR code and a unique registration ID.
  • Reporting. Upon payment, event managers are able to export custom lists of registrants and invitees based on parameters like email, phone number, payment status, and more.

Apart from the must have features, the strongest perks that you can’t get with any other integration except WeChat are gamification and live event feeds. With WeChat you can allow people invite each other for a round of Pokémon Go online and engage those who are dispersed through the venue with live feeds.

Live Stream

“And please, add live streaming to the package,”  is what most event planners hear from their clients today. Especially if you manage a concert, a festival, or a fancy tech event with robots spinning around the venue, the possibility of capturing the event vibe and live stream it is a must.

Live Stream

To keep pace with progressive event tech trends, an event planner should always keep an eye on a good video streaming service. Here’s what you should expect from a powerful platform for live streaming:

  • Several levels of access for different users.
  • Good previewing and description editing features.
  • Multiple SDKs to enable integration with apps and publishing workflows.
  • Video player available on multiple devices.
  • The capabilities to make on-the-fly changes.

What benefits will you get?

Every SMART integration with event software adds value to your strategy. Here is the short list of benefits of integrated software applications:

  • Improved visibility. Integrations provide the possibility to extract data from multiple resources. With improved real-time and analytics visibility, event professionals get the chance to make better decisions.
  • Expansion. With additional integrations, every event planner can generate new sales channels, cater to larger venue spaces, and cover the needs of a larger number of clients. What’s more, the successful unity of integrated platforms allows acceleration of operational efficiency; with GEVME Onsite, it’s easy to process huge streams of people with minimum manpower.
  • Time and cost savings. The maintenance of multiple systems requires substantial money and waste of time and effort. Integrated solutions help event managers reduce operational costs and perform faster with greater efficiency.


To fuel their reputation and grow smart event experiences, modern professionals prefer integrated solutions to separate event management systems. Get started with GEVME and see how event automation works.