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Reimagining Event Experiences with AI

In our ever-evolving world, technological advancements continue to redefine various aspects of our lives. From streamlining daily tasks to optimising efficiency, innovation has become synonymous with progress. The latest innovation making waves is Artificial Intelligence. AI stands as a transformative force reshaping numerous industries, and the events industry is no exception. 

Keeping that in mind, at our recent quarterly product launch event, Gevme CONNECT Winter 2023, we unveiled several new AI-powered products set to disrupt the industry. The response so far has been tremendously positive, confirming that the future of events will be driven by AI innovation.

Introducing EventGPT, Your Personal Event Concierge

We announced the launch of EventGPT, our very own AI-powered event assistant! EventGPT serves as a knowledgeable guide for attendees, providing recommendations, answering questions, and handling requests.

Here’s how it works:

EventGPT operates through several key stages to enhance the event experience. Firstly, during the setup process, it collects important event details from your Gevme platform which can be further refined by incorporating external data sources. Then, employing natural language processing, EventGPT interprets attendee questions based on the event specifics to understand their needs and intent. Then, leveraging GenAI, EventGPT crafts personalized responses and offers tailored suggestions, thereby ensuring attendee satisfaction and swift query resolution. 

Moreover, the more EventGPT chats with attendees, the smarter it gets, learning from each conversation and refining its recommendations and performance for future event.

Want to know the best sessions for marketers? Ask EventGPT. Looking for evening entertainment options? It has you covered. EventGPT even gets smarter over time as it interacts with more attendees.

The possibilities are endless. EventGPT can be deployed on event websites, mobile apps, virtual platforms, and more to provide 24/7 support. It’s like having a real-life concierge in your pocket!

Find out more about it in this blog post

Spark – The Productivity Booster for Event Professionals

We also showcased Spark, our AI productivity tool tailored for event planners, marketers, and organisers. Spark is an intelligent assistant that manages all the repetitive tasks linked with events. It takes care of everything from content generation and brainstorming to content repurposing and even legal review.

Spark enables creating more with less time and effort. As AI adoption grows, expect Spark to become integral to streamlining workflows and unlocking strategic value from event data.

Get started with Spark at 

Onsite and Registration Innovation

Gevme’s core onsite check-in and registration solutions also received major upgrades driven by AI. Our star feature in this section, the Abandoned Cart Recovery Feature, has shown to have an average recovery rate of 52% contributing to a boost in registration by an average of 22%. It leverages automation to re-engage prospective attendees who  didn’t complete the registration process through automated email reminders.

We significantly enhanced our onsite analytics as well. Organisers can now analyse real-time attendance by campaign source, ticket type, job role, and more. Comparing YoY data is a breeze too.

These capabilities add tremendous strategic value, helping spot trends and optimise future events. AI will continue elevating our onsite and registration products to new heights.

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The Road Ahead

Business events are undergoing a renaissance catalysed by AI. As pioneers in this space, Gevme will continue releasing innovative solutions that create incredible event experiences. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as AI transforms events at all levels.

The opportunities are truly endless. With the right vision and spirit of experimentation, our industry will thrive in this new era of intelligence.

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