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Introducing EventGPT: Welcoming a New Era in Attendee Experience with Generative AI

Engaging attendees is increasingly challenging for event teams. With growing expectations and packed schedules, delivering 24/7 assistance that provides relevant, personalized support has become vital yet difficult to achieve.

Event teams need help. But traditional chatbots fail – relying on rigid scripts rather than truly understanding events. We realized these limitations stemmed from the underlying technology:

  • No knowledge of industry terminology or concepts
  • Unable to improve without manual oversight
  • One-size-fits-all approach

The introduction of large language models (LLMs) like GPT3, Claude in 2022 was a game changer. We saw how components like knowledge integration, continuous learning, and customization could enable so much more. What if we combined these technical innovations with genuine event expertise?

Introducing EventGPT: An AI Assistant Custom-Built for Events

Today, we’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on EventGPT, our newest product from Gevme. Purpose-built for the events industry, EventGPT combines our team’s deep expertise with the game-changing power of generative AI. Our vision for the next-generation event assistant:

  • Personalized recommendations as unique as each attendee
  • Natural conversations that evolve with every event
  • Relevance reflecting a deep understanding of industry concepts
  • Seamless integration across channels

EventGPT acts as a knowledgeable guide for your event, absorbing all the intricate details – agenda, speakers, exhibitor information, venue logistics, and more. Let’s walk through some examples:

  • Personalized Agenda Building: EventGPT can build an agenda based on attendee’s goals and interests suggesting the most relevant sessions and networking opportunities.
  • Exhibitor Recommendations: A marketer asks EventGPT to recommend sponsors best aligned with their company’s focus areas. It responds with a tailored shortlist
  • Local Entertainment Suggestions: EventGPT instantly recommends nearby evening entertainment options based on an attendee’s preferences for cuisine, music, crowd energy, and location.

EventGPT gets smarter with each conversation by continuously training on real interaction data. Over time, it becomes an invaluable member of your event team!

The EventGPT Integrated Architecture: RAG Reimagined

OpenAI’s GPTs allow anyone to customize AI for personal uses, but they fundamentally lack the business context for complex industries like events. EventGPT closes this gap. Implementing advanced AI like EventGPT typically demands piecing together numerous complex components:

  • Data pipelines for ingestion and preprocessing
  • Embedding tools to structure knowledge
  • External vector databases to enable retrieval
  • Integration with separate language models

Assembling these pieces requires substantial time, cost, and custom engineering. Yet outcomes still risk inaccuracy or irrelevance without customization.

EventGPT completely reimagines this approach with an integrated architecture combining essential RAG components into a single optimized platform:

Unified Knowledge Graph: Our specialized graph encodes structured event data to fuel relevant, tailored recommendations impossible for external tools to match. The tight integration with Gevme reiterates our core principle – Create once, use anywhere.

Custom RAG Model: Purpose-built for event queries and conversations based on real attendee questions and feedback rather than generic training.

Embedded Vector Database: Optimized data storage and retrieval layer purpose-built for event knowledge, delivering speed and scale.

Industry-Specific Language Model: Fine-tuned foundation model that intrinsically understands event terminology, concepts, and data structures.

By rethinking RAG as one cohesive platform, EventGPT solves the complexities and compromises of traditional implementations. Our technical innovation focuses wholly on delighting attendees and event professionals – not just building piecemeal AI components.

Designed for the Real World of Events

Events are highly complex — from shifting schedules and venue logistics to attendee expectations and vendor relationships. Building an assistant to operate effortlessly across these variables was no small feat.

We knew a key pitfall to avoid: Overpromising advanced intelligence that fails when put to the test in real environments. We had seen too many AI solutions crumble in the chaos of live events.

Instead, we built EventGPT from the ground up for the demands of real-world events. Its foundations combine:

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure: Cloud-native architecture that seamlessly scales to serve tens of thousands of concurrent attendees across web, mobile, and on-site interactions. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on delighting your guests.

Security in Depth: Comprehensive data governance and access control integrating with your existing event platforms. Attendee personalization relies on a foundation of trust and transparency.

Resilience by Design: No single point of failure across the globally distributed, microservices-based architecture. With 24/7 proactive monitoring and disaster recovery, EventGPT matches the always-on nature of events.

These pillars enable EventGPT to deliver sophisticated AI-assistance without the brittleness or fragility often plaguing first-generation solutions.

And this is just the start of our journey. With every event powered by EventGPT, we gain more invaluable data and feedback to continue advancing the platform. Much like events themselves, we are always evolving and improving for the next edition.

Experience firsthand how EventGPT can ease logistics and empower richer engagements at your next event. Request a live demo tailored to your use cases or explore our interactive sandbox. The future of event assistance is here!

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