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Boosting Registration Numbers With The Abandoned Cart Recovery Feature

At Gevme, our dedication is twofold: enhancing the attendee experience and optimizing the administrative and organizer user experience. That’s why while we are passionate about building exciting solutions to enhance the attendee experience, we also deeply care about features that empower your event business, understanding the immense value these less glamorous but yet essential, tools bring to your organization and business.

That’s why during our last CONNECT Winter 2023 edition, in addition to unveiling the Gevme EventGPT, we also announced the Abandoned Cart Recovery, a feature designed to significantly enhance your registration rates.

Tackling The Registration Drop-Offs Problem

The journey of an attendee registering for your event can often be challenging, with several potential points where they might drop off. At Gevme, we’ve developed various features to enhance registration conversion rates. These include optimizing the form-filling experience, implementing multi-step and group registrations, offering progressive and one-click registration options, and more. Despite these enhancements, a certain percentage of potential attendees may still not complete the registration process.

The attendee registration journey.

This is where the Abandoned Cart feature comes into play.

The Abandoned Cart feature in Gevme is designed to track and capture data on users who disengage during the registration process. It then enables you to re-engage these individuals by sending them reminders to complete their registration, effectively reducing drop-off rates and boosting overall registration numbers. A simple way is to think of it as capturing those who drop off and putting them back into the registration funnel.

The attendee registration journey with Abandoned Cart Recovery.

The Outcome

Based on usage statistics of the feature on our platform the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature has been seen to have an average recovery rate of 52%, going up as high as 73% in the best case, contributing to a boost in registration by an average of 22%, and as much as 27% in the best case.

The Mechanism Behind The Magic

The true genius of this feature lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Once activated, it begins tracking incomplete registrations, populating a list that becomes the target for follow-up. Pre-populated fields in the reminder emails reduce friction, encouraging potential attendees to seamlessly complete their registrations. Automated email reminders can be scheduled daily or based on the age of the cart, ensuring timely engagement without additional workload for event staff.

Boosting registration numbers effortlessly without you having to do anything, except turning the feature on! That’s a pretty compelling reason to incorporate it into your event planning.

The Abandoned Cart Recovery will be available as a Pro feature from the next quarter, but is already available right now on request, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in using it in your upcoming event.

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