Journey Towards Sustainable Events


Catch Gevme’s founder and CEO, Veemal Gungadin’s keynote session in which he talks about climate change, emissions from events, and carbon offsetting. 

Also, understand what sustainability in the events industry entails and learn about Gevme’s Sustainability Manifesto. 

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Business events are more than just opportunities to learn and network; they are a chance to make meaningful connections and grow as individuals and as a community. However, the unfortunate truth is that these events often come with a significant environmental cost. The waste generated and emissions produced from participant transportation and accommodations can have a lasting impact on our planet.

To put things into perspective, in order to preserve a livable climate, we must limit our carbon emissions to 2.1 tons per person per year by 2030. Yet, the carbon footprint of a single attendee traveling to an international conference can reach up to 3 tons (from travel only), exceeding the yearly allowance per person! With 1.5 billion people attending business events each year, it’s clear that we must take action to ensure sustainability is no longer optional but rather an imperative.

Unlike other industries, events involve a complex web of stakeholders. To run an event successfully, an event organizer works with venues, destinations and a myriad of service providers like AV, Lighting, Staging, Stand Builder, Event Tech providers, hotels, airlines and many others, as shown below:

To ensure events are sustainable, a combined effort from everybody is required. 

That’s why we, at Gevme, have decided to formally embark on a journey to make our own company sustainable and help organizers, exhibitors, and event attendees go green.

And to ensure we always stay grounded, acknowledge our mistakes and always progress, we thought there is no better way to start this journey than by penning down a manifesto. 

Our environmental sustainability manifesto

We commit to: 

We recognize that change takes time, but we are committed to making a meaningful impact. We will be posting regular updates on our progress on our sustainability page. Fortunately, we are not alone on this journey. There is today plenty of great work and initiatives ongoing that aim to move the industry forward. We have put them together into a list of resources that can help you organise events sustainably

And this is how Gevme helps events be sustainable. We are only getting started. Expect more to come!

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