Connecting The Global Virtual Events Community With GEVME Studios

GEVME Studios is an ambitious ecosystem that combines broadcast-quality entertainment with the best practices and learnings for virtual events from around the world

Leading virtual events and events technology provider GEVME has announced the launch of GEVME Studios — an online media network dedicated entirely to virtual events. 

Amidst the pandemic last year, event organizers and owners were forced to move to online platforms en masse — in an uneasy transition that many were unprepared for. To address this knowledge and experience gap, GEVME started the GEVME Academy to equip budding digital event managers with the skills and know-how needed to adopt the new, necessary technologies. With the launch of GEVME Studios, GEVME continues their dedication to education, community-building, and entertainment. 

Virtual events are here to stay — but not as a static, unchanging format. At GEVME, we recognised that as virtual events have become part of our everyday, there is a need to move beyond the fundamental concerns of just getting events off the ground, to facilitating more in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing. With GEVME Studios, we are creating a community platform where passionate event organisers, owners and partners can pool together their knowledge and experience, and find the inspiration they need to produce great virtual events.

Veemal Gungadin, CEO of GEVME. 

GEVME Studios will launch with two ongoing shows:

  1. Next-Generation Virtual Events: Where GEVME Academy equipped events organisers and owners with the skills needed to get their virtual events off the ground, Next-Generation Events will show them how to push the boundaries of virtual events — how to turn boring virtual events into memorable virtual experiences. This series will dive in-depth into the how-tos of virtual event planning and organisation, bringing in experts from across events and event technology industry to share their knowledge and experience. 
  2. Virtual Experience Makers: Coming up with great ideas involves looking out of the box — and this applies to the events industry as well. Virtual Experience Makers taps into minds of standout personalities in the creative fields who are embracing the virtual and experimenting with unique ideas, to find out how to create entertaining and engaging virtual experiences. 

Our shows combine education with entertainment, to show — and not just tell — that virtual events don’t have to be talking heads on a screen. Through conversations with experts from across various industries, we hope to provide event organisers with actionable insights they can take back, apply and refine in their own events.

Devansh Bhikajee, Marketing Manager at GEVME

On the GEVME Studios page, participants will be able to view the schedules and register for upcoming live virtual events — where they will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and network with industry peers, while enjoying the show. For those unable to attend, or those looking to review what they have learnt, completed sessions will also be available to view on-demand. 

To accommodate the often-packed schedules of event organisers and planners, GEVME Studios has also curated the sessions into on-the-go formats, including podcasts of the show, enhanced for listening; and, bite-sized highlights of the best insights from each session. 

Find out more about GEVME Studios at: