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Interactive Meeting Ideas for Large Groups

Interactive Meeting Ideas for Large Groups

Memorable events are those that encourage people to speak out, share ideas, exchange expertise, and collaborate. Therefore, setting up ‘just another event’ with standard entertainment activities and the same channels for communication hardly produces the desired impact. Here’s how you can make your events fascinating with some fun interactive meeting ideas.

Why is it important?

Delightful meeting activities have critical importance for the atmosphere and the follow-up for your events. Check out the benefits of interactive ideas for large group meetings:

For participants

  • Mood boosters. Treat your audience to some creative icebreakers for large groups at the beginning and keep people tuned in during the event to have a great onsite atmosphere.
  • Team work. Interactive activities require collaboration, and create an excellent space for communication and teamwork, which is an integral part of problem solving and finding partners at events.
  • Learning. If what you experience is memorable and engaging, there’s a greater chance that you can learn something valuable at the event. Interaction is a great way of fostering knowledge.

For organizational leaders

  • High return rates. People return to events that they’ve enjoyed in the past. An advantage of embedding interactive ideas into your large-scale meetings is motivating people to return.
  • Positive word of mouth. Your events are the defining features of your reputation. Experiment with lush ideas to encourage positive word of mouth and attract new clients.Positive word of mouth
  • The value of values. Today, big importance is given to the message that an event communicates. Through creative meeting ideas you can highlight company social responsibility or advertise a charity campaign.

The best 10 interactive meeting ideas to engage a large audience

To ensure that people have a great time at your event, consider leveling up the atmosphere with the help of these creative techniques:

“Talking” Icebreakers

The right mood has to be established immediately when the door is opened. Pick a theme that can both entertain people and make them think in a reasonable direction. In other words, once an attendee arrives, you have to do everything to turn him/her into an active and motivated participant.

To reach this goal, you can use “talking” icebreakers that resonate with the keynote theme of the event. Let’s say the topic of the meeting is “Eating habits.” Why not ask your guests what kind of ice cream they are and why during the onsite check-in?

To maintain the fun, you can also stream the best answers on the social media walls during the event.


If the event hosts thousands of attendees, it’s easier to remember “the rock-n-roll guy” than John Smith. Ask people to create a funny label for themselves like “a pijama guru” or “an iGeek” and get them printed on their name badges. This will definitely spice up any conversation.

World cafe

Large-scale events have to deal with a huge number of attendees. To help people connect at such events, it’s necessary to implement ideas for interactive meetings that focus on sharing expertise and views.

World cafe

World cafe is the excellent meeting activity that maximizes engagement. Organize small groups of people at cafe-style tables and encourage them to discuss a specific topic making notes. To magnify interaction, give a signal at which everyone has to change tables and contribute to a new group.

Live streaming communication slots

Live streaming communication slots

To avoid shelving ideas at your large-scale event, set the rule: once someone comes up with an idea or wants to share something, he/she can live stream it and send to the event page.

Business cards that demonstrate… emotions

Provide attendees with emotion business cards that communicate different experiences they have at the event. Encourage people to share the cards to stimulate dialogues by pointing out their emotions. This will help break the ice between attendees and track their engagement with different activities.

Start from virtual

Sometimes people find it difficult making an in-person acquaintance. With advanced mobile apps like Actigage, people can check the personal profiles of other attendees, get acquainted with their preferences and spheres of activity in virtual spice. Thus, you encourage people to make strategic and impactful connections.

Brainy polls

Presenting data at events can also be interactive! It is interesting to create activities that ask for public opinion in order to attract the attention of a large audience. Set up polls or present guests with multiple choice questions before introducing the data to build anticipation. You can also launch live public voting sessions to get engagement sky high.

Digital discussion boards

It’s impossible to discover all opinions at large events unless you use discussion boards. Place digital tools that allow mapping discussions in a real time and help the attendees explore the majority views, as well as contribute to a dialogue.

Team power generation

Technology that needs power is something that every attendee brings to the event. Use this link to enable interactive experiences and a common mission for the guests. You can build power stations that require riding bicycles to generate energy and, thus, incentivize interaction.

Break the floor

Break the floor

Spontaneous flash mobs are good incentives for making people work as a team. Inform the attendees that they’ll have to be ready to cut a rug at any stage of the meeting and then turn the music on at some points. Award the best teams with funny prizes and motivate team players to make a connection.

The tips for meeting interactivity

We know how desperately event planners want to make their meetings special for each of their 1000+ guests. Although the task isn’t a piece of cake, there are some interactivity tips which can build positive experiences for everyone:

  • Give the choice to be unknown. Interactive activities require speaking up. However, there are always some people who want to express their opinions without revealing who they are. Provide choices for anonymous voting in order to capture the frankest responses and maximize engagement.
  • Stretch interaction. Post-event surveys and personalized messaging encourage interaction after the door is closed. Make sure who people don’t want to stop a dialogue can continue and increase return rates easily.
  • Automate. To make onsite experiences interactive, first, make them convenient. With simplified GEVME onsite services, you enable automation at the introduction of attendees to your event. And this is the best icebreaker!
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