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7 Social Media Wall Platforms for Your Next Event

Creating and maintaining a high level of interest at your events can be challenging, maybe even daunting for some event marketers. Selecting the best social media tools to engage your attendees may not be easy, and can get a little frustrating.

Wall platforms could help put your mind at ease. Have your different social media feeds appear on various displays via one platform to save you time and effort. Create more engaging experiences at your events. Spark discussions.

Here are a few little nifty things you could do with the wall:

1. Feature #hashtag content
Choose a unique event #hashtag, promote it, and get people to use it in their social media posts. Don’t just stop there. Blast up these posts on the big screen for all to see. Attendees will get to express themselves and their posts will generate publicity to strengthen your event’s presence. User-created content that drives your event seen publicly. A win-win situation.

2. Real-time updates, extra content and sponsorship
Keep your attendees in the loop with regular updates on screen. You could even show your social media feed, share related content and generate awareness for upcoming events. Promote your current event, and pave the way for the future. You could even offer to feature your sponsors’ content to increase their outreach during your event.

3. Discussions and conversations
Engage your attendees by posing them questions or throwing out topics for them to discuss. Drive your event’s conversations with interesting ideas and views. Take it up a few notches with competitions.

Of course, there isn’t just one platform that you could build your social media wall from. We have sifted out 7 wall platforms for you to choose: logo

A great, affordable choice to run a social wall at your event, comes with support for 15+ social media platforms, customization & styling as well as powerful moderation (including black-/whitelists for spam). Bonus features include a social map and a way to post through Facebook Messenger.

Exclusive for GEVME Blog readers: comes with a Free Plan, but for their Pro or Premium plans – we can offer you a 10% lifetime discount – just enter coupon code GEVME2017 on checkout.


#tagboard - The Social Search & DIsplay Platform

If you’re looking for a social media wall platform that thrives well on hashtags, Tagboard would be it. You can moderate content, interact live with your attendees and choose which posts to feature on your screens. Tagboard Live, one of its unique features, allows you to find the latest hashtag posts from all social media networks and create new tagboards on the fly to feature trending topics. You can also customize your tagboard’s layout in various styles to better cater to different venue sizes. Get the best and latest hashtag content featured clearly and undisturbed. Wow.


Postano - The Social Engagement Platform

Postano’s partnership with FISH Technologies is one to look out for. With the use of wireless technologies and interactive stations, your attendees can move between sections in your event seamlessly through the use of a mobile app or wearable RFID technology. This creates an integrated, unique and personalised experience for your attendees – achieved through photo booths, video green screens and other games or competitions you may have in mind using this platform. If you’re looking to further enhance your event’s look, check out their Style Gallery and explore their diverse array of social visualizations. Leave a lasting memory.


TINT - A Self-Service Social Hub Platform

A DIY platform that gets you up and running in minutes. Quick customisation and advanced moderation of posts (your events’ clients can moderate too – more hands to help out.) TINT also provides white label reselling that embeds codes and analytics for you to create your own price packages for clients. One account – multiple clients at a time. Get your hands dirty.


PresentersWall - Create an Interactive Presentation

If you’re looking to get your attendees more involved at your event, have them respond to polls or questions quickly through your mobile site via their smartphones. Throw up their responses and queries on display and generate real-time results of the data collected from the Q&A. PresentersWall will allow attendees to interact your speaker easily, without having to always ask questions through microphones. Save all these results and improve on them for the next event. This would really help track responses for my future presentations.


Snapcastr - Social Displays for Events

Not only does Snapcastr have a high customisable wall to strengthen branding for your events, it also allows you to integrate and showcase your event’s sponsors easily. Just add them in your system and you’re all set to feature them on your displays throughout. Measure the impact of your tweets and #hashtags from real-time data collected and make quick revisions to further enhance the effectiveness of your messages. Also, moderating from your mobile, laptop or tablet helps a lot. Keep spam at bay live.


CrowdScreen - Fully Moderated Twitter Walls for Live Events, Festivals, Television and Broadcast

For events that require the utmost secrecy, CrowdScreen has the right solution for you. Using their secure mobile private app, attendees can express themselves freely without having their thoughts shown to the rest of the world. Their Q&A widget also works well in tandem and allows you to collect responses securely, and attendees can even post their replies anonymously. Secrecy when you need it.


Social media walls are defiintely one of the more effective tools in engaging attendees at your event. Get their attention. Tickle their thoughts and have them partcipate actively through conversation.

No matter which wall platform you pick, you’ll be taking your events to the next level.

GEVME is the fully integrated platform that makes your event lifecycle happy. With advanced apps for each event management process, the platform helps you craft a custom event toolkit. Request a DEMO to experience the automation of website development, online registration, onsite check-in and related services.

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    A 8th social media wall platform from France can be added:

  • You forgot to add the cheapest Social wall -> https://

    I have used it. It’s awesome

  • We tried at some of our event and it worked like a charm. You can try them.

  • Don’t bother with taggbox! Their posts never update and product is buggy. Also, during our event they never responded to an urgent support query. Cheaper isn’t always better 🙁

  • @Jeff – This seems very funny. It has never happened in our history. You can share the link of your social wall with us and prove that. Negative marketing for competitors is not always a good idea. Anyways, time shall tell all the difference 🙂 Good day!

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    We will be sure to include your tool in one of our next blog posts. 🙂

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    We’ll be sure to check it out for one of our next blog posts! 🙂

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  • Great blog!

    IdeaCloud Social Wall, partner of Microsoft conferences, can be added. Check out:

  • This article is still one of the best resources for social media marketing of events 🙂
    Re. (where i’m working :)), there have been plenty of noteworhty updates meanwhile (new design, geo-location based maps theme, support for 16 platforms etc.) – would be cool to see this article updated!

  • Seenspire’s social media wall solution just launched. Its tailored for big screens and features some interesting moderation options next to flexible designs. You can get a full trial @

  • Another alternative solution is called Fetch. it pulls in from more channels than any other product available to create a stunning social wall. You can sign up for a 14 day free trail now at

  • I recommend everyone try It offers real time moderation controls and allows you to customize your social wall easily with your own style. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial here

  • I highly recommend They have real-time moderation and customizable templates that will get you up and running in no time. We have worked with them in the past for several concerts and they have created complete customized solutions for our unique display requirements. They also allow us to collect the legal rights on users images that we want to use in our other promotions. Two thumbs up!!!!!

  • You can also take a look at iWall that offers social media wall (Twitter and Instagram), message wall (SMS, Email and Telegram) and polls features integrated on the same screen.

  • EventsTag has beautiful and lightning quick Social Walls (and other top notch event tech) for experiential activations!

  • Hey there,
    our agency made some good experience with . As the API access is covered by every plan, you can create individual templates for a social media wall or social media newsrooms. For agencies/reseller usage, they will grant you 50% discount – not that bad 😉
    Check out


  • I tried many social media display applications for my establishment however Publing was the most easy to use and best value for many social media display service in this rapidly growing market. I can certainly recommend .

  • Based on the rich experiences (more than 6 years on the market!) from our older product Wall of Tweets and trusted by thousands of users and brands like IBM, Microsoft, University of Denver, TEDx and more – we created Wallery – beautiful tool enabling you to discover, curate and display social media content on any screen or device. It is great for live social media wall as well as for social media hubs and campaigns.

    Try it out for free at or get in touch with us at

  • Great names are featured here indeed! 🙂 If someone, however, is looking at alternatives, Miappi ( is definitely one of them. Owned and earned social content curated and carefully moderated either by a human or with state-of-the-art machine learning tools can be displayed on any event’s screen.

  • Almost all market leaders in this space are listed in the blog article and in the comments. Adding to the list so that interested visitors can check it too.

    Best wishes!

  • One more for the win!

    Our Instagram API was renewed!

  • I might be bias, but… If you’re looking for a social media wall, you should definitely check out Wallery:

    Wallery is a social media wall that can be designed and customized by the users – unlike the solutions listed here. When it comes to social media walls for events, I believe the user should be able to customize their wall to suit their brand guidelines and even the event venue. With Wallery, you can do actually do that and have a social media wall that looks unique, every time.

  • Check out It’s free and works instantly. Supports both Twitter and Instagram. For $15/month you can customize colors, fonts, upload your logo, moderate posts, etc.


  • For a social media wall with full moderation, a visual customiser, and lots of cool features, check out

    Curation Wall makes it easy to create your own social media wall in minutes, it works great on mobiles too, which is important these days.

    Oh, and pricing starts from FREE and the free plan INCLUDES customising all colours, adding logos, changing fonts etc 😀

    Oh, and great article BTW!

    Curation Wall supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinteres… and more!

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  • For the French & Benelux market you can get in touch with
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