How to Sell Tickets for a Charity Event

The reason for any successful charity event is to raise money.  To raise the revenue to support your work charity events are crucial.  A great way to raise money is to sell charity event tickets.  Selling tickets for any charity event in this day-and-age requires utilizing online resources in many capacities.  GEVME gives you all the necessary tools you need to sell tickets for your charity event.  Research has shown that at most charity events, 90 percent of attendees found their tickets online. To gain ticket sales, and ensure attendees show, it is vital to get acclimated to what charity organizers are doing online to gain ticket sales for their charity events.

Where is the problem with selling charity event tickets?

Charities are aware that charity events are extraordinarily important in raising money for fundraising.  Charity event tickets are harder to sell if you rely on selling paper tickets.  It is crucial to have sell tickets online for several reasons.  It is the most effective way to sell charity event tickets and reduces the time and costs for administration to run the ticket sales. Paper tax receipts are a real pain to handle.  Online taxes are automatically generated with the online application GEVME, your time and frustration can be omitted.  One of the most difficult problems that you have coordinating your event is ensuring that attendees come to the event.  After the hard work that it takes to put on your charity event, it is incredibly frustrating when you have individuals decide not to even come to your event.  Online attendees can be reminded continuously, saving the date ensuring they remember with GEVME.  Social networking with attendees, their families and friends can be advantageous for your event.  Selling tickets online, can decrease and eliminate all the headaches and worries that event planners had to take on prior to the days of the online organization.  GEVME can eliminate these worries for event planners ensuring ticket sales.

Creating selling strategy and tactics

For tickets to sell, provide attendees with incentives. The more passionate and interested people are in your organization, the more likely you will be able to sell tickets.  There are creative ways to sell tickets and create a successful charity event as well. You may want to have a local band at your event that is well-known. Try to find a local celebrity or someone that is well-known in the community that attendees will be intrigued to meet or see.  You may have a theme for your charity event or delicious food from a famous local restaurant. The band and type of music may fit the theme of your charity event.  Create a silent auction and a raffle and incorporate that into your theme. Creativity shows passion which in turn will generate passionate and satisfied attendees generating more revenue.

Ways to sell charity event tickets

Many event holders think that it’s best to wait until invitations are mailed out to start to sell tickets for a charity event.  This is a common mistake. However, the best way to begin the ticket sales is to start early with the process of selling tickets. It is important to have an online platform for ticket sales, and the key to successful sales in the beginning processes of setting up your event is simply to sell as many tickets as you can before the invites are in the mail. GEVME insures regular attendees that can purchase, and the focus can be turned to finding new charity supporters.  This relieves a lot of stress early in the process of ticket sales.

Sites where you can sell event tickets

Selling tickets online is vital for your charity event.  The individuals you are targeting are most likely used to doing everything online.  In this day-and-age, we buy our movie tickets online, as well as food. The best tactic to sell for a charity event is the free aspect.  The tickets that are sold for charity events should not cost a fee.  You will be amazed how many individuals will buy their tickets online through GEVME.  The ease of use and the familiarity will bring in ticket sales quickly and easily for you and attendees. GEVME helps you to sell tickets to potential attendees easily.  The site is easy to use. You may create an event page for attendees to buy tickets. This site allows you to track sales and reports for your attendees.  GEVME has numerous opportunities to grow your charity event as well as events you hold in the future.  It’s a tremendous online resource for you to sell tickets for your charity event, and keep attendees interested in your organization for years to come.

Best methods to sell such tickets

Sell tickets with urgency, and you may be able to attain attendees more quickly. We all tend to procrastinate and push things out of our minds at times.  You do not want your potential attendees to feel this way.  The way in which you market the tickets will make a large difference for the procrastinator. Marketing tools create urgency in retail all the time.  “Ending Soon” or “Limited time offer,” are great examples of this urgency that customers feel when they purchase items. The most obvious aspect of this marketing is that it works.  This is the same technique to use when thinking of how to sell charity event tickets. GEVME has marketing techniques and tools that you can use that are simple.  Provide automatic voicemail messages, Twitter, and create text messages that are developed in mass quantity to your attendees. This online word-of-mouth is the way to market in society today. We all check our Twitter, email, and text messages daily.  Sending clever advertisement messages in this way is a free way to market your tickets, and it’s also a great way to gain more attendance on the day of your event. GEVME has an event networking page where you may connect your attendees at your events. Buying tickets for a charity event is likely to happen much more rapidly online.  Most research has found that 90 percent of attendees at charity events have found the tickets online.

How to advertise charity event

GEVME provides online visibility for events. GEVME makes it incredibly easy to find your events on the internet. It’s important to keep all your attendees happy.  GEVME can help you to advertise your event online.  It’s important to post the event on job boards for internal employees to see what is going on as well.


GEVME provides numerous pages for any modern and successful event planner. In order to sell tickets and ensure that attendees are up-to-date on your event. GEVME is a guideline to plan any event, with an event networking page, advertisement opportunities, and event networking.  Your attendees can buy their tickets directly from the site.  With sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, GEVME ensures the optimal online preservation of attendees and ticket sales.


To successfully drive ticket sales for your charity event in this day-and-age the only way to promote and have a productive and successful event is by utilizing the services online.  GEVME is a one-stop-shop for event planning. Optimize your ticket selling strategy for a successful event – get started for free.

This post is written by Chris Bouchard, a regular contributor to the GEVME blog. Chris is a consultant for non-profits and social entrepreneurs.