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Event Trends for 2019–2020

Event Trends for 2019–2020

Even if your 2018 events made an incredible impression, in 2019–2020, you should learn how to make these experiences even more memorable and impressive. The most important goal remains to consider everything—absolutely all modern tips and tactics to improve your event with our current event trends.

The top 10 event planning trends in 2019–2020

Transformation is the trend that will define the primary direction of event industry development in 2019–2020. Let’s take a closer look at the latest event trends ideas for planning events.

Improving event check-in

Events are dynamic, so even two to three minutes that you have to spend in an inefficient way during an eight-hour event will seem like an eternity. No one wants to wait, because digital services should provide all the necessary information quickly. The same thing is true with the onsite registration and event check-in process. Make it seamless and extremely fast.

Your audience craves authenticity

According to the report of UFI and Explori Global Visitor, event visitors are tired of the traditional format, so it is absolutely necessary to surprise them in 2019. Set yourself apart from your competitors by choosing unique places that visitors will remember. Rent a castle or a small island, hold a conference at the planetarium, or put an exhibition on at the beach.

Sustainability is part of the plan

You can change the boring course of any event with carefully prepared program content and a sustainability plan.

Infusing events with hands-on experiences

It’s easy to fill in a site with digital panels and robots, but don’t forget that the use of the latest event technology trends just for the sake of fashion is ornamental only and unjustifiable from a financial point of view. Everything you plan to surprise your guests with in 2019 should be practical and useful.

Customised learning opportunities for better event engagement

Personalisation has taken over the world, and with the ever-increasing flow of information and education data, AI, etc., this trend will only keep growing. Therefore, encourage those guests who want to participate in every panel of the event, but don’t expect or demand interest in the full package from everyone.

Future meeting environments to increase event innovation

Let the sponsors choose the environments, provide you with the technical means and meeting environments, arrange zones for interacting with customers, or even offer something on their own.

Using metrics for crowd shaping and customisation

For the last few years, ranking algorithms have made us much more selective, and we are now ready to consume only the content that we want related to meeting and event trends. In addition, we can measure it effectively to customise events or predict future trends.

Interactive live event experiences for more meaningful memories

Participants in events have a lot to do: learn, talk, have fun, sell something, buy something, check in on social networks, and sometimes get to know local attractions. All of this creates countless memories that will lead to positive associations with your brand.

Sustainability strategies replace one-off programmes

Strategic meeting management is introducing more and more organisations into their work. Having a skillful strategy helps to avoid overworking a week before the start of the event and becomes a negotiation advantage when talking with investors.

The power of procurement

It’s impressive when tickets to an event sell in the first few minutes after the online ticket office opens, but the trend of 2019 will be slow sales.

The top 5 event tech trends of 2019–2020

You should also tune in to the tech event trends or technology trends in event management that may be exceptionally hot in 2019–2020.

Using wearable tech wisely

Teach your audience how to use technology wisely in their everyday life through your events. Catch the public’s imagination via millions of devices applied at events, including wearable technologies and so much more.

Enhancing event cybersecurity

Concerns about security at events is not a trend but a necessity. However, if earlier this meant only website protection and anti-terrorism measures, organisers must now also take care of cybersecurity in a variety of ways.

Saving on Wi-Fi costs

Find out in advance how secure the Wi-Fi protocol at the event venue will be. Make arrangements with transport representatives to comply with the new rules, protect databases and emails with passwords, and permanently erase all customer data as soon as you stop needing it. In addition, consider saving costs related to Internet connections.

Data-driven trends to prioritise event resources

You can use the acquired data to see overarching trends, which fosters a data-curious and data-driven mindset. You will hopefully find a way to allocate your security resources based on actual cyber risks or prioritise other essential resources for the event lifecycle.

Actually using Big Data

Why not use Big Data, which is a technical term referring to the massive data availability fuelling the advancement of IoT and the concomitant adoption of data analytics in virtually all domains? Gevme already applies this in its events data management.

The top 5 event catering trends for 2019–2020

Among the best event planning industry trends or trends in technology events, there are those that touch upon food, catering, and other event services that are an integral part of any successful event lifecycle!

Corporate responsibility and food safety

The success of a company depends not only on the quality of its services but also on its image in relation to the environment and broader social problems. Ford research shows that a shift has occurred in people’s perception: 45% of respondents expect a clear position from brands on certain social aspects, while 56% of respondents said they would not use the services of a company that, in their opinion, was harmful to society.

New food guidelines

Act in the interests of local residents: Use energy-saving technologies, invest in infrastructure, and ensure that the venue looks the same as it did before your arrival once you leave.


Don’t forget about catering; it should correspond to the location or even the theme of the event. Investments in creativity will surely pay off with loyalty and positive guest reviews.

Fermented foods

The latest food technologies offer a huge variety of sauces and other fermented foods that are good for more than just topping a hot dog. Kimchi, sauerkraut’s Korean cousin, is a spicy fermented cabbage dish that will not be forgotten by your event guests.


Sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, miso, tempeh, yogurt…the list is endless! Having a variety of cuisines represented will  merge and blend different cultures, which is a great bonus of your event!

The top 5 conference & meeting planning trends of 2019–2020

Alongside the hot trends in the event planning industry, meeting and conference niches have also transformed and require new forms of engagement.

Engaging technology

Interest is growing in events that include the participation of event market professionals, along with engaging event sessions. An individual approach is becoming more popular. Pay attention to event management platforms, which provides engaging tools.

Health & wellness

Organise events that allow people to get nutrition and exercise tips that improve their health and wellbeing through free courses from top universities or sport clubs, etc.

Breakout sessions

A breakout session—also known as a breakout meeting or a workshop session—is generally a workshop, discussion, or presentation on a specific topic. Use these smaller groups for a portion of the agenda of a larger program, seminar, conference, or convention.

Tailoring the experience

Sensitivity to the interests of your event community will result in positive feedback on social networks. Furthermore, dividing tickets into categories will allow you to analyse the interest in different segments of your event and help you distribute the budget more profitably for your next event experience.


Themes can be divided into categories, and a project’s thematic concept may be chosen based on your event concept. Applying varying plot types, story types, themes, and genres will help you engage the audience in the meetings.

The top 5 fundraising event trends

Fundraising event trends are also moving forward quickly, and there are many useful ideas for non-profit organisations.

Fear of missing something interesting

What do we mean by this? Imagine a typical scenario of a business event that includes the need to study, meet new people, conduct business negotiations, sell, share experiences, have fun, raise funds, share photos on social networks, etc. Beyond that, you also need to follow what’s happening on stage and participate in the discussion. Admittedly, it can get a bit too complicated. Therefore, provide breaks in the program or separate zones so that participants, without suffering from any guilt, can quickly recover their strength and return to the event fully recharged and ready to engage.


People want to try new things, which is why some of our conferences featured VR stands with long lines of guests eager to experience this new tech. Try to hold your conference in original places using innovations such as in a boxing ring or theater hall using live streaming or AR to engage even more people and raise more money.


A good event is one where the needs of all those present are met and where people with different backgrounds and characteristics are respected. Taking such a respectful approach to each participant has become the expected norm in the service industry and the event industry.


Fundraising is not always easy for a large event, as people can feel overwhelmed. The opinion that a person should always be immersed in the thick of things is wrong. Remember that after a short rest, participants respond better and are more actively involved in what is happening, including on an emotional level.

Corporate & social responsibility

Corporate event trends dictate that organising charity and fundraising events on a corporate level demands special attention and consideration of numerous factors related to society, the environment, government, and other issues.

The top 5 event marketing trends

Look into the best event marketing trends to stay on top because marketing is the most important segment when it comes to event planning.

The league of IT conferences

Nowadays, the “League of Good Conferences” has been developing in the IT conference market. The organisers of such events understand what people expect from them and then deliver on that expectation. This league is growing, while other conferences that do not understand what people want, or do not know how to get it right, are disappearing.

Extend the digital

The mechanics of the usual channels of event marketing are changing rapidly, especially for social networks. This can give event planners a lot of trouble as they spend a lot of important time adapting to the new marketing strategy. Go wide with digital and use non-traditional channels to engage people.

Newsletters in messengers

The best promotional channel that almost no one uses is contact via instant messengers through private messages. The first task is to get your audience warmed up, while the second is to bring the audience to the newsletter, demonstrate your product, and complete the sale.

 The edge between online & offline

Ensure that education or entertainment, both for online and offline events, are closely linked. For the majority of meetings today, people already prepare online, either by discussing ideas with peers, watching videos, reading, or communicating on Telegram or via forums. It is only after they acquire the necessary information that they meet offline to virtualise, spend time together, network, chat, etc.


As you can see, the event industry does not stand still: Current trends in event planning are on the rise, new formats of events are appearing, fresh channels of promotion crowd out the others, and the old ways of organising become obsolete as they no longer attract an audience.

GEVME monitors the top event trends for 2019 and the needs of the organisers so that 2020 will open up new opportunities for event players to create and manage events. Will we be able to make the events in 2020 even more interesting? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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