8 Tips on Successful Onsite Management on Event Day

A lot of time and effort, not to mention money, goes into the planning of an event. The culmination of which is event day. While it’s entirely the responsibility of an event planner to make sure the pre-event planning goes off without a hitch, onsite management on event day is just as crucial. A lot of factors come into play on event day, including ensuring that everything goes as planned.

What is Onsite Management?

Onsite management entails being responsible for the setup and details at the event facility, on the day of the event. As part of the responsibilities and tasks of an onsite manager,  the location where the event will be hosted must tightly correspond to the client’s brief. All the details from décor to photographer/videographer must be checked. If there is a need for security, then the event onsite management must check that all protocols are followed. If need be, then an event check-in software must be used.

What do you need to manage onsite attendees?

To manage attendees on the event site, you need to collect the information as attendees register online and onsite. To easily manage onsite attendees, you can rely on the leading event planning software that facilitates event setup and management such as GEVME.

How do you ensure that all your months of planning lead to an unforgettable experience for the attendees? The following 8 tips should help.

1. Make it Easy for Attendees to get in

Having security on site is important and making sure that only invited guests are allowed in is equally as important. But you don’t want the attendees waiting in endless lines to get into the venue. Find a way for them to register before getting to the event and make the pre-entry requirements as simple as possible.

2. Do you have everything you need?

The good thing about having your attendees pre-register for the event, is you know exactly how many will be attending. You can therefore easily make sure you have enough hardware to cater for all guests. Begin by making sure the venue is big enough before the event, and on event day, double check that everything including the chairs, tables, and podiums are in the right place and adequate.

3. Reward the Attendees

One way to make an event unforgettable is to engage the attendees at every turn. Since people love freebies, why not organizes for one. Most event planners will put together a glam package with their merchandise, and this works. It’s a good idea to give them the freebie, as they enter the venue to keep them happy and engaged from the start.

4. Make it Interesting

Consider having smaller events running in parallel to the main event. If you’re going to have keynote addresses inside, consider having another smaller event outside where the product or service is being showcased. Also, allow time for a meet and greet where attendees are allowed time to network.

5. Choose Event Day Staff Wisely

The staff on event day should not only be competent but also know your brand and what the event is about. This is the only way to ensure they’re capable of helping the attendees and keeping things flowing smoothly. Be clear about what you expect from them right from the start. Training the staff at least a day ahead of the event is not a bad idea.

6. Fix Problems Quickly

No event goes completely as planned. Expect a few mishaps and have backup plans for your backup plans. In case something should happen to go wrong, fix it quickly, preferably before the attendees can notice.

7. Keep generating Buzz

In the planning stages, you’ll have shared the event date and venue numerous times. However, generating buzz via social media doesn’t have to stop when the event starts. Live tweet and encourage your attendees to do the same.

8. Don’t forget to have Fun

It can be really easy to get caught up in all the planning and execution. So, don’t forget to enjoy your own hard work. The attendees may notice if you’re not all too happy to be there.

Event Onsite Management Software

Event management software can make event attendees management a simpler process and GEVME is one of the best tools you can use for this purpose. GEVME provides all the necessary tools to take care of certain event management issues like ticketing, prices, and tracking and communicating with attendees.

How to use GEVME for Onsite Management

GEVME is essentially very helpful when collecting information from attendees, either onsite or online. You create a custom form, send it information regarding the event to attendees and even send out email invites.

Building a form with GEVME is simple. Here’s how

Step 1: In the left navigation bar when you open GEVME, click on “Forms.”

Step 2: Select the type of form you need and then click “Customize.”

Step 3: A form builder will appear to help you create the form. Simply enable and disable field. You can also add custom fields to the Settings panel on the left-hand side.

Sending an Email to your Invitees is equally as simple. Here’s how

Step 1: In the navigation bar, choose “Templates” and then click “Invitation.”

Step 2: Edit the invitation form that opens to match your specifications and click “Save” once finished. The email will be sent to all the invitees in the mailing list. If you have a long list, you can simply use the CC and BCC options to include all your attendees.


Software like GEVME provides that initial step in event check-in management. With it, you can collect all the information you need before the event to prevent delays on the actual event day. As an enterprise cloud-based event management and event marketing platform, GEVME continually strives to provide event planner and managers with the best tips and tools for professional events. Using GEVME, organizers and managers can safely push attendance and engagement to their events whilst simultaneously giving attendees the time of their lives. Only when event organizers start appreciating the existence of tools such as GEVME, do they find their day-to-day event management easier and their work more enjoyable.

You can stay calm on the event day, GEVME Onsite will take care of your registration activities.