4 Things you Should Know About Pricing Tickets

The importance of carefully displaying a breakdown of event ticket prices that includes booking fees and any other charges has been underlined after a furore broke out over this very issue in the UK.

Consumer organization Which? has launched a campaign after discovering than many unscrupulous firms apply hidden fees to their transactions that can leave people forking out much more than they expected upon payment.


Here are 4 things that you should know from the poll on ticket pricing that Which? conducted:

1)     8 in 10 event goers believe compulsory ticket fees are a rip-off

2)     Almost half of event goers have been put off purchasing tickets because of extra charges, such as delivery fees even though the documents are emailed over.

3)     Two-thirds who have been charged a booking fee thought it seemed overly expensive

4)     93% of event-goers said they would like to see any extra compulsory charges displayed up front every time

Although this research focuses on consumers, the same is likely to apply to business people buying tickets to conferences and trade shows – if they perceive the price is unfair, they may abandon their shopping carts or not bother beginning the online ticket registration process in the first place. Any hidden charges may also affect their internal claim process since their initial approval to purchase tickets would be based on ‘published’ prices.

Which? has launched a petition to “put pressure on the ticketing industry”, commenting: “We want to see all extra compulsory charges shown upfront when you first see the ticket price.” Up till today, the petition has garnered over 36,000 supporters.

Of course, event organizers need to ensure that they are going to recoup the outgoings they have spent on factors such as venue bookings and speakers’ fees, but it is important to charge fair prices to end users too.


At GEVME, we recently published a blog that discussed ways in which different ticket types can be set at varying price points to maximize registration, which is well worth taking a look at if you haven’t done so already.

It explains how tactics such as free tickets, discount codes and early bird prices can all be applied to tempt potential bookers – but if the Which? research is anything to go by, organizers will also have to ensure they outline fees and charges in their marketing messages too.