Creating Unique, Attractive and Engaging Virtual Events

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It’s now easier than ever to run virtual events. The novelty has worn off and the space has become saturated. All virtual events still look the same. People register for these events but do not show up. Or when they do, they are distracted.

Event professionals are now trying to figure out how to make their virtual event stand out. Successful ones have moved beyond the traditional format and embraced the new possibilities enabled by technology. They are the pioneers of the next generation of virtual events. Attendees leave this events feeling like they would not have the same experience anywhere else.

In this episode, we show you how to create unique, attractive and engaging virtual events.


Andrew Chia, Business Lead, Digital Activation Team, Pico

Andrew leads Pico Singapore’s Digital Activation team and is responsible for the strategic business development and planning for the team. He joined Pico in 2019 and has developed key strategic accounts and product development for the group across digital marketing, digital activation, as well as tradeshow activations. Andrew plays a pivotal role in the planning and execution of Pico’s digital strategy and has contributed to several award-winning projects for the company.

Alexis Lhoyer, Co-Founder, Chab Events and Chab LAB

Alexis has more than a decade worth of experience helping some of the world’s largest brands like Cartier, Procter & Gamble, AXA and Riot Games to name a few, create bespoke, impactful experiences, whether physically or digitally. Recently, Alexis spearheaded the APACMed Forum 2020, the pilot project for the reopening of events in Singapore in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board that got extensive media attention.


Keerat Singh, Digital Events Evangelist at Gevme

Keerat is the host of the Next Generation Virtual Event show at Gevme. She has a keen interest in revenue generating marketing initiatives through live experiences. She has a passion for driving change towards more sustainable and environment-friendly events and has been working towards evangelising such experiences.



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A series about about getting creative with virtual events

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