Networking and Community Building Through Virtual Events

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Networking remains one of the main reasons why people attend events. Even without the face-to-face interactions, virtual events provide new opportunities for attendees to connect. The data being collected on their preferences and interests can be used to engineer serendipity and create meaningful connections..

Another added benefit of virtual events is their unique ability to forge thriving communities. They break geographical boundaries by providing a platform for individuals with shared interests to gather in creative ways that extend beyond the time-frame of an event. 


Shweta Jain, APAC Head of Business Development, Media & Entertainment at Amazon Web Services

As APAC Head of Business Development, Media and Entertainment at AWS, Shweta works closely with media organisations on their strategy to leverage cloud for their most critical workloads.

Having worked in media industry for two decades in leadership roles across technology and new business initiatives, Shweta has a deep understanding of the challenges as well as the innovation which the industry thrives on. 

Sheila Berman, Global Marketing Lead at She Loves Data

Sheila leads the global marketing team for She Loves Data, a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to empower women through data /tech education and soft skills training. She is also a Campaign Management Specialist at DigiB, Brenntag’s digital sales solution hub, where she straddles both marketing and digital channel enablement.

Sheila has worn various hats throughout her career. She co-founded a successfully exited IT start-up, crunched numbers in retail, and taught herself the ins and outs of digital marketing.


Keerat Singh, Digital Events Evangelist at Gevme

Keerat is the host of the Next Generation Virtual Event show at Gevme. She has a keen interest in revenue generating marketing initiatives through live experiences. She has a passion for driving change towards more sustainable and environment-friendly events and has been working towards evangelising such experiences.



Episode 1: Creating Unique, Attractive and Engaging Virtual Events

Episode 2: Creating Virtual Events of Broadcast TV Quality

Episode 4: Monetising Virtual Events: From Ticketing to Sponsorship


A series about about getting creative with virtual events

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