10 Tips That Will help You Host A Successful Digital Event in 2021

We exist in an age where it is now officially a task to keep people hooked onto their devices when hosting digital events 2021. People spend most of their day watching one device or another because there is something there that has attention. This keeps them hooked onto their device for hours on end. When there is a launch of a long-awaited TV series on Netflix, there will be so many people who will binge-watch an entire season in one go. Point being, people don’t mind sitting for hours behind a screen as long as it is something that will interest them. This is what today’s event companies are competing with, getting people’s attention by creating a memorable event experience.

Digital events 2021 will have to learn and adapt different ways to capture the audience’s attention and have them hooked onto the event for long periods. But how can we achieve this? There is, in fact, an essential factor that plays a significant role here. However, before we discuss that, let’s talk a bit about the TV show Game of Thrones. 

Undoubtedly, there might have been so many people who have watched Game of Thrones simply because of the hype created by fans. When you are a part of a group where everyone, except for you, is talking about famous shows or topics that you know nothing about, you pretty much feel like you are missing out on something. Being humans, it is expected that we feel this way. 

This brings me to one of the hot tips for hosting successful digital events in 2021. It is to create an event experience that will make people want to come to it. The whole hype created around the event should make the event just like the old saying ‘the talk of the town.’ It all comes down to the copy, the messaging, and the event’s promotion that should let your audience believe that they should not be missing the event.

Keeping this in mind, the 10 tips for hosting successful digital events 2021 below will give you a better roadmap to plan your next successful digital event experience.


Create a plan: Who is your event for? How do you want your digital events 2021 to be? How many people are going to be there at your event? Who is going to host your event? Who are the guest speakers? One of the first tips for hosting successful digital events is planning. This stage is to frame a rough yet detailed sketch of how you want your event to be. At this stage, you will draw out a road map and assign duties to your team. Planning is the most crucial step for a successful digital event experience, and hence a lot of thought has to be put at this stage itself. The rest will follow.

Wise platform selection: 

Once you have determined who your audience is and how many of them will show up at the event, one of your following tips for hosting successful digital events is to choose a suitable platform to host your digital event 2021. Digital events 2021, just like physical events, have plenty of options for the venue to choose from. Many digital event experience companies are renting out virtual space according to the number of people attending the event. The higher the number of the audience, the bigger the size of the platform.


The first step to making sure that people show up at your event is to invite them. If your audience isn’t even aware of the event that you have put your heart and soul into planning, there is significantly less chance of them showing up! Promote your digital event experience over every social media where your audience is hanging out. Invite them to attend your event. Let them know about the speakers and give them a good reason why they should not miss it. Creating hype about digital events is critical and is one of the crucial tips for hosting successful digital events. Let your event be the only thing people are talking about. 

Avoid System troubles: 

Rehearsing the entire digital event experience weeks or even days before the actual event is necessary. One of the essential tips for hosting successful digital events is to conduct a mock event. This is the best way to determine any system problems early. This can help rectify issues and avoid any delays later. 


Right timing: All the things happening at your event should be timed. This will ensure a proper flow of the agenda planned. Your online viewers should have a seamless experience. For this, one of your tips for hosting successful digital events 2021 is to make sure that your digital events team is on their toes to ensure that your audience is enjoying a smooth digital event experience.

Stay calm: 

While hosting a digital event experience, you may not seem to be moving physically from one place to another to assure everything is working fine. However, the stress of hosting digital events 2021 is almost the same as hosting an in-person event. Your mind can be everywhere at once. Is the sound working fine? Oh no, the speaker is a minute late! How many people will show up? One of the essential tips for hosting successful digital events is to learn to stay calm and trust your team.

Visually attractive slides: 

Ensure that the slides your speakers will be referring to are visually appealing. You cannot afford to bore your audience. There are several softwares, such as Prezi.com, available to create interactive and engaging slides. One of the crucial tips for hosting successful digital events is to ensure that your speaker knows what they will say so that they do not go off-topic and keep their presentation within the time limit. We would advise you to have a mock digital event experience session a few days before the event’s primary day to anticipate and eliminate the happening of anything that will act as a huddle at the digital events 2021.

Encourage engagement: 

You want your audience to be more interactive and engaging throughout the digital events 2021. The primary purpose of any event is to bring people together. Hence, it is required to make sure that people engage with each other throughout the digital event experience. One of the essential tips for hosting successful digital events would be to have a virtual exhibition of the sponsor’s stalls for the audience to interact with sponsors and know more about them. The sponsors can also come up with interactive games for the people to participate in, like a live competition on Instagram or an interactive QnA.


Ask your audience: One of the essential tips for hosting successful digital events is to be obsessed with feedback. After the event, you can have them fill up a questionnaire. This can also help you understand their individual perspectives better. Open-ended questions can help your audience explain themselves better and help you understand the areas of improvement for your future digital events 2021. You can also have a feedback form sent to them personally over email to know more about their digital event experience.

Track your results: 

This is an advantage that only a digital event experience can have. Tracking results! Besides allowing the audience to participate in an event remotely, digital events 2021 have the added benefit of having access to audience data, right from the promotion phase, to the final event’s attendance. This data is essential and is helpful as it helps us track the audience’s journey at every stage of the event. After the event, this data can be looked at to examine and understand the pitfalls that can be avoided the next time you host a digital event experience.


The ten tips mentioned above can help you determine an exact roadmap to plan your subsequent digital events 2021 successfully. Much goes into sketching an extraordinary event that people will want to be a part of. However, pulling that off requires hours of brainstorming. GEVME, despite all odds, played a role in the success of several virtual events. These events were not just shifted virtually, but each event showed more attendance rate than it would otherwise have at a physical event.

A great event can help evoke a feeling in a person that will make them remember an event for years to come. The one who can understand the human mind and can think creatively will create a future of endless possibilities in the events industry. A good event evokes emotions, and this is precisely what we should want each and every one of our attendees to experience even from miles away. This is possible, and this is the future.