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The Internet of Things (IoT) in Events

It has become a norm for events to have a mobile app that provides the basic event information. With event apps becoming more prominent, organisers are looking at expanding the use of mobile apps into the Internet of Things (IoT) – creating engagement opportunities for their audience throughout the event. Eugene Yang, CEO of Actigage, touched on how the IoT will benefit the MICE industry in the near future at the GEVME Xchange 2016.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of things (IoT) has been a big buzz word in 2015. Everyone is talking about it with numerous new companies joining in on this new category of technology.

How can we connect physical objects like your kitchen appliances, lights or even your curtains to communicate with an application to automate processes that would essentially require a user to act on?

There are so many use cases in the market for IoT now:

  • Remote Lighting
    By incorporating smart lightbulbs in your house or integrating your light switches through wireless connections, users can now control the lights in the house remotely from their mobile devices.
  • Smart Thermostats
    Used with centralized air conditioning, the smart thermostat is able to learn of the usual temperature settings throughout the day and adjusts the temperature automatically based on the common trends and learns.
  • Elderly Care
    Sensors can be placed throughout a home or through the use of wearables to monitor the movements of an elderly person. Should the sensor or wearable detect either an unusual activity or a fall, an alert can be sent to the caregiver about the immediate need for assistance.

Those were some of the more commonly known uses for IoT – but what about within the MICE industry?

Many of the current use cases can be implemented in the context of the MICE environment. We can already start incorporating sensors and devices to change the way we communicate and engage with our audiences at event or exhibitions. This would help you with your event management and event marketing efforts.


To learn more about the IoT, visit our slideshare to download a copy of the Internet of Things for Events!

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