GEVME Reader’s Choice Best of 2019

We are in the first month of the new year, in fact, the new decade. In this blog, we have collected the top GEVME blogs of 2019, which were all voted by the readers and brought the most number of views. Read on to have a glance at each one of them. 

In this blog, we have collected the top GEVME blogs of 2019, which were all voted by the readers and brought the most number of views. Read on to have a glance at each one of them. 

Some Thoughts on the State of Business Events 2020.

It’s a series of blog posts written by our CEO Veemal Gungadin, where he shared some thoughts about the State of Business Events in 2020.

Business Events Format Have not Changed Much over The Past Decades. The biggest obstacle in this field is the fact that the exhibitors still pay for physical space to hold meetings and showcase their products and services. While there are people from the UX & Design field trying to bring a change and reinvent the ways large conferences and events can happen.

Physical Data – The Oil Spill at Business Events. There are two types of data available at any business event — digital and physical. The digital data is collected by making people fill up forms, scanning their digital behaviour. Meanwhile, we are losing the most valuable data – physical data. This would result in gathering inaccurate data. 

Physical Business Events are Still The Future. If somebody walked up to you and told you that this is the end of the conference era, make sure to tell them that nothing can the face to face meetings. Conferences and exhibitions largely contribute to the global economy by generating more than 1 trillion USD and getting together 1.5 billion people from 180 countries.

Business Events Still Produce Lots of Paper Waste. And last but not least, the challenge of sustainability still remains. Every year, millions of trees are cut to print brochures, visiting cards and other informative material for people and organisations. Try making your events sustainable by coming up with ways with which paper wastage can be reduced. You could talk to your attendees and exhibitors and explain to them they need safe paper next time. 

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GEVME’s Next Generation Smart Lead Retrieval Experiential Apps.

Last year was quite an eventful one for GEVME wherein we launched our Lead Scan App, which has the potential to inflate the rate of interest and find new modes of generating revenues for the exhibitors. The way these app works is simple — use a scan code and put on the attendee’s patch at the event booth so that the exhibitor can track all the required data of the attendee on a real-time basis. Furthermore, it lets the organisers retrieve the leads while being cost-efficient, sustainable and reliable in nature.

There is even and a digital app along with it is known as the Showcase Solution, which lets the organisers pass on all relevant information to attendees through mobile devices which makes the entire event absolutely paperless. 

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Sustainability of Corporate Events.

In the present day world where each and every industry is trying to come up with sustainable ways to take their business forward, GEVME helps running sustainable events. The Showcase Solution app is our initiative to digitise the exhibitions, reduce paper wastage and prove itself to be a cost-effective option when it comes to large scale conferences and other events. Not only does it streamline the workflow, but it also makes sure that the attendees have a delightful experience. What’s more is that this app can collect accurate data, generate truckloads of leads by simply scanning the QR Code at the exhibition booth. 

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Top Events for Event Planners to Look Forward to in 2020.

The key to leading successful businesses is by meeting people, interacting with them and creating connections. In this particular post, we listed some events happening in 2020, which would be beneficial for different professionals in the event industry. The events range from conferences such as The Special Event & Catersource to EMS2020 & EVENTtech by Event Marketer for the event planners, to NACE Evolve Leadership Conference, International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York, GBTA Convention 2020 and others for the hospitality and catering professionals.

Apart from these events, there are various conferences for hospitality and events technology including C2 Montréal 2020, Startup Grind Global Conference, HITEC by HFTP and HT-NEXT on the list as well.

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Ways to Write A Post-Event Thank You Email.

After the attendees have attended your event, you could send across thank you mail as a gesture of appreciation and an act of courtesy to make them feel valued. What a thank you email does for your event is that it increases awareness about it manifold. When you send a thank you mail, the attendees are most likely to feel special, talk about it to other people in their social circle and family about your event. While writing such an email, make sure to keep the subject line sweet, short and crisp because most of these emails are viewed on mobiles. The more precise the body of the email, the better it looks without stressing too much about your event. 

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Event Trends for 2019–2020.

In this blog post, we touched the different kinds of trends that will prevail in the world of event planning, catering, conferences, and meeting plans. Right from improving the ways of checking in to an event, to making sure that your event is held on a unique place so that the visitors remember it, and stressing on sustainability as a long term goal along while trying to bring innovative ideas to plan events — we talked about everything. 

Next, we pointed out how interactive life events would become a hit in the coming times and the role that procurement shall play in the online ticketing system within a few minutes. Needless to say that enhancing event cybersecurity, using big data and food trends for the large scale meetings and conferences made it to one of the hot topics of the year 2019. 

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The Best Event Invitation Examples.

One of the basic requirements of organising an event is sending across a strong event invitation email. And guess what, it is an art to understand the kind of emails people will want to respond to. Drafting an impressive event invitation email can be a cakewalk if you follow the below-mentioned points:

A strong subject line. Clickbait subject line will never fail to create its magic on the mind of the reader. Besides making it short crisp and clear, the idea is to grab the attention of the one reading it. 

Focal point. Now, whenever you sent across an email, it is essential to have that ‘wow’ factor to it. It could be anything — a creative and colourful visual or the use of puns.

Details of the event. So you have been able to write a strong subject line, inculcate focal point in your invitation but is there something you forgot? Make sure to provide the necessary details such as the theme, date, and venue of the event. 

Call to Action (CTA). Simply sending an invitation email to a list of potential attendees is not enough if you have missed out on providing the CTA to them. What do you want people to do after they have read your mail? You would obviously want them to register for your event.

Brand recall. So your mail is all ready to be sent across, and you figure that something is amiss. Did you remember to brand your email to make it clear to the person who is reading the invitation? If you have partnered with renowned sponsors, putting up their names or logos can give your event a boost. 

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Event Email Templates that Would Come Handy.

Having well laid out email strategies for your upcoming event is vital to make sure that you stay in touch with the audience at all stages so that you are able to provide updates and keep your audience tuned in. While drafting an invitation, all you have to bear in mind is –

The purpose. Think from an attendees’ point of view, why will they want to open an email? What does it have in store for them? Ensure that your email has a strong value offer for them.

Event details. Most important of all the information has got to be the time, place and date of your event, without these details your email is absolutely incomplete. 

Catchy subject line. Whether you are inviting people for your event or sending them a thank you email, if your subject line is click-worthy, your reader will be pulled in. 

On brand designing. Putting up the company name and/ for the logos of your company is one of the key points to increase the recognition of your event. So while you are choosing event email templates, remember to incorporate your company logos as well.

Call to action. The final leg of sending an email is a call to action which can be understood by the viewer so that he/she knows what is to be done next. Instead of making it plain and boring, you can amp it up with creative ways of asking people to sign up for your event.

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Top 20 Advantages of Event Gamification.

As an event planner, you will generate revenue by increasing the event’s rate of interest, converting your passive attendees into active participants. To make sure that event guests have a fantastic experience, you should create an environment of trust and collaboration while turning your attendees into engaged participants. You can do all this and much more by simply gamifying your event, which would facilitate easy communication, create a much more relaxed atmosphere and break the ice between the sponsors, vendors and event participants. In addition to all this, gamification is one of the best methods to crowdsource future event ideas so that the next events become a bigger hit. 

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What Makes Email Subject Lines for Event Invitation Letters Successful.

At one point in time or the other, we all have received promotional emails that have really long subject lines, incorrect spellings or grammatical errors which are a big turn off! Next time that you are sitting down to draft an email, try to be as to the point as you can be. Sum up exactly what your email is all about in the subject, try using the name of the person in the subject line to give them a feeling of exclusivity and use the kind of words that will make a person want to click on your emails. The idea is to not beat around the bush and be as specific as you can be by bringing 100% clarity about what you want people to do and what they should expect after opening your email. 

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