GEVME Product Updates August

There’s been a lot of news from GEVME’s product team. Let’s check it out!

RSVP is no longer a hidden feature

You can now specify RSVP as a registration type when you create your event. You can simply tell which events in your organisation are RSVP-type events without needing to look out for any tell-tale signs to identify RSVP-type events separately.

RVSP type

Landing page template updates

Users are no longer limited to just modern and classic templates for their event landing pages.
Users can now choose between two other templates: simple and elegant. In addition, GEVME’s security has been improved to avoid malicious scripts and other harmful data while releasing page templates. Now its users are safe from the injection of harmful JavaScript files and the setting up of phishing websites that are set up to con those on the Internet.


landing page template

More efficient OrderID generation algorithm

Our engineering team has updated the algorithm used for generating the OrderID. In short, you can expect fewer 403 and time out errors when there is heavy traffic on GEVME.

Upgrade to use logic in your email

If you are a starter package user, you will no longer be able to use the “Raw HTML Block” when you create email templates. Do you need to upgrade for more user roles? Controls have been implemented to restrict the number of roles users can create for the organisation.

If you are a starter package user, you are not allowed to create any more user roles. If you are a PRO package user, you are only allowed to create two more new roles; then you will be prompted to upgrade.

Upgrade to use the calendar widgets & wallet feature

Users taking advantage of the starter package no longer have access to the events calendar widget. They will need to upgrade to use this feature. They should also upgrade to take advantage of the wallet feature.

Users with the starter package will no longer see “Allow ticket buyer to update information after registration” when they set up forms.

calendar widget

The latest product updates are aimed at a smooth and clever transition to the new subscription business model at GEVME and improving the platform features as well as the way they serve the customers. 

Always welcome with your concerns & suggestions in the comments below.