Corporate Event Planning: Showcase the Agenda on a Website

Are you willing to spend your money and time on an event you know nothing about? Unless you’ve attended the very same meeting before, it’s hard to predict what you should expect. A clear, comprehensive agenda is the backbone of an event that provides invitees with a worthy value offer. In this article, we explore different ways of creating an agenda that speaks your event’s language.

Reasons to publish the event agenda on your website

Without putting event schedules on websites, you can’t claim to have created the full picture of an event. Apart from making event landing pages more informative, there are many benefits that an event agenda can provide:

  • Maximize registrations. By informing people about the contents of your event, you will not only boost the number of sign-ups but also ensure that the audience you capture is your intended target.
  • Make updates at any stage of event organisation. Last-minute changes can shake up any event, no matter how well you prepare. With modern solutions for event agenda building, you can update any data, anytime to ensure that your attendees stay on track.
  • Show off your speakers. For many people, the value of an event is determined by the expertise of the featured speakers. By embedding informative speakers’ bios in your event agenda, you give prospective attendees a good understanding of how they can benefit from registering.
  • Enable personal schedule building. Catering to personalised event experiences, organisers can provide capabilities for custom schedule development through automated agenda-building tools. Let your audience choose the sessions they want to attend more effectively!
  • Track attendee engagement. Personalised agenda-building helps event marketers collect actionable data that shows which sessions create the biggest buzz and what areas need improvement.

How to create an event agenda for a corporate event

Before placing a great event agenda on your website, you must ensure that you have a complete and polished agenda. Here’s a short guide to building an agenda that is both engaging and informative:

Build a smart attendee journey

If people end up doing the same thing hour after hour at your event, the chances are high that they’ll never recommend it to a friend. Planning an agenda in a way that combines diverse activities into one engaging attendee journey is the first step to success. From fun to informative and from informative to relaxing, balance the moods of the activities that your attendees will be exposed to.

Incorporate unique presentation techniques into your agenda


Slides are boring. With all the tools that digital technology encompasses today, you can create events that keep attendees wired in thanks to creative presentation formats. Let people experience products that speakers are presenting with the help of VR, add special sound effects, enable real-time presentation tracking…the list goes on and on.

Add some experiential learning

If theory is silver, practice is gold. Build your agenda around experiential learning to immerse your audience in the practices and ideas your event communicates. The organisers of the world’s largest event about payments, Money 20/20 Asia, nailed it by launching a fun experiential activity called Payment Race. Five participants were asked to travel from Hong Kong to Singapore, each using only one payment mode. The one who arrived first won a prize!

Experiential learning

Include entertainment in your schedule

Even at an academic conference, people need some relaxing sessions that will help them unplug. While having magicians or clowns at such events can feel awkward, a short interactive game or good music is often the perfect fit.

Establish realistic time frames

A common mistake in agenda planning is trying to pack as many activities as possible into a limited event schedule. By estimating the time allocated for performances, discussions, and networking, you can ensure the audience won’t suffer from information overload. Calculate how much time should be spent on topic introduction, presentation, and Q&A sessions to make an event schedule drive your success.

The best solutions for event agenda building

An informative agenda that falls in line with your beautiful event landing page can increase the number of registrations as well as facilitate a better understanding of an event’s mission. When looking for tools for agenda building, focus on such aspects as the capabilities for enforcing custom event agenda designs, the availability of rich event agenda templates, and the overall ease of use. Here are the top three event agenda solutions that can satisfy these requirements:

Planning Pod


An online event management software that has website building in its arsenal of tools, Planning Pod is ideal for all types of events. With the help of this software, you can incorporate an event schedule and a countdown on your website. Adding videos, text panels, and images to an agenda layout can be done in a matter of minutes.

GEVME Website Builder

GEVME Website Builder

With GEVME Website Builder, you decide what should be added to an event landing page. Whether this is ticketing information, a sessions schedule, or a timeline, an event organiser can give it the desired shape and place on a website. Users can also choose from a wide variety of customized speaker listing layouts. It couldn’t be easier!



Handcrafted by a dedicated team of designers, a rich collection of website themes can be found on EventCreate. Although this solution offers very few agenda layout options, it’s a good tool for tracking user engagement on a landing page.


The event agenda on your website should be comprehensive, informative, and aligned with the branding. Going with a traditional session-after-session program for your event simply isn’t good enough these days. Think of how you can juice up the schedule by bringing in some experiential practices, creative entertainment, and unique presentation techniques. To enable effective representation of an agenda on a website, pick a website-building solution that will develop your agenda into the perfect shape.